Man Utd Shirts for sale - Greece 2007

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by crabnomore, May 3, 2007.

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  1. As much as I like to see English clubs doing well in Europe, I swear a little bit of pee came out last night I was laughing that much at scum losing.

    And being a Leeds fan, I've not had much to smile about this season :oops:
  2. Aye, watched Tuesday's game with a Chelsea fan.... it was heaven
  3. Stick to selling shell suits!
  4. Watching the Red Shite win again left me with a nasty taste in my mouth.

    The mighty Toffee's will be domonating Europe next seassion, just you wait.
  5. Hope so mate! Just hope AC Milan do a proper job this time, my old man has purposely booked a holiday abroad covering the date of the final as he said he couldnt go through what he went through last time the sh*te won it in 2005.
  6. Those grapes appear to be tasting awfully sour around Old Trafford (and most parts down South) and Stamford Bridge.
  7. Now we know why they're sponsored by AIG - Almost In Greece.

    Apparently Mourinho's been trying to get hold of Scouse viagra - he has trouble getting past a semi with Liverpool.
  8. Couldn't really give a fcuk about what Liverpool do although i reckon they wont be smiling come the Champions league Final. I think another 3-0 is on the cards for AC Milan again.

    As for the Yorkshire Tw*t slagging the Mancs off, what a tosser you must be to even admit to being a Leeds fan. Hang your head in shame you Leeds Scum. Your side aint even on the same planet as United now, Fcukin Division 1 sheeite.

    I'm just enjoying watching Mourinho's season falling apart around his found out teams eye's, it's fcukin fantastic.

    My prediction MUFC will wrap up the league with a demolition job on Man City on Saturday and Arsenal will do Chelsea 2-1.

    FA Cup- another 2-1 win to Man U. Now Fcuk Off back to Portugal!
  9. Now Now! MTG I thought you were a big fan of all things red :D I didn't take you for a blue nose 8O
  10. Ha ha, just bought my AC Milan shirt for the final, only going to wear it in the house though, havent quite got big enough bollox to wear it round the streets of Walton!