Man Utd Doomed ?

Glazier aka "The Leprachaun" is about to buy up Man utd if successful he will transfer all his debt into it and guess who is paying for it.
the ticket prices will go up etc.
i amnot a manchester supportet , the implication is however worrying, if i was a Man Utd supporter would refuse to support (Finance) Glazier spectulating and switch my allegence to another club.
the whole business leaves a nasty taste in the mouth as other clubs may not be safe.
The price of floating the club on the market. Quick little cash grab but now in the brown stuff. Joy.
The only comfort I take is that it will dawn on supporters that this has been brought about by Sir Alex himself.

He picked a fight with the Mick gambling fraternity, and they bought his company to show him who was king with the cash. Having rubbed his nose in it they sell off at a profit to show him that he's even smaller than he had now realised.

And remember, Ferguson didn't sell his shares to either party, it was those partaking of Prawn cocktails and/or Boddingtons. Loyal Fergie men to a ... well, to a point where they can make money.

I'm a Spurs man myself, and remember (Saint) Keith Burkinshaw's parting comment (upon resigning having won EUFA Cup) - "I remember when this was a football club". And things will get worse for many clubs .... oh what a positive mood I'm in !.
Scum was always gonna be the main target, you can put prices up, cut investment on players and still get the stadium full of 'fans'.
What are the fans winging about? The bloke may be a nerd, but he's also a business man. He wants to market the club world wide and it may bring in loads more money. Businessmen don't usually spend a fortune to buy their way in to something to make it worse and lose any profit involved. They'd be more likely to build it up and then sell it at a profit.

That said, if you make your club a public company in order to cash in on your success, you can't complain when somebody buys shares and gets control can you? What else did you think was going to happen?
Daily Telegraph Opinion - I feel for the fans… in Florida

By William Langley
(Filed: 15/05/2005)

The deal is done. The fans are sick with grief. Hunched at their terminals, the sports pundits struggle to describe the tragedy that has befallen a once great club. Yes, things are really that bad in Tampa, Florida, where Malcolm Glazer, owner of the local Buccaneers football team has just wrapped up the £790 million purchase of Scum United.

Take a sample tirade from Daniel Ruth, sports columnist of the Tampa Tribune. Glazer, he says, has "scored a sort of quinella of cupidity by raising the Buc's ticket prices in dead of night to acquire Scum, the world's foremost collection of men in their underwear playing the most boring sport on the face of the planet". Angry? The Scum fans with their stunned-mullet faces, greasy Rooney shirts and MU4EVA tattoos, aren't even in the game. They aren't in it because they don't understand how much it has changed from the one they used to know.

Confused by such similarities as a pitch and goalposts, the United fans believe we are still idling through the 1950s, when the chairman wore a shortie sheepskin coat, and a footballer's wife's job was to buff her man's boots before the game and queue for his fish and chips afterwards.

They believe the club is theirs and that their allegiance counts as some kind of spiritual share capital in the determination of its affairs. They may spend their Sunday mornings lovingly polishing their Sky dishes, but they didn't want Rupert Murdoch. They wouldn't have wanted Roman Abramovich (believe me, he didn't want them, either), and they didn't want the galloping Irishmen John Magnier and J P McManus who wisely sold out last week. Now they don't want Glazer.

Tough. Modern football deserves the bosses it gets, the players it gets, and come to that, the fans it gets. If the game cared at all about the rottenness at its heart and the squalor of its image, it might have a case for resisting Glazer, but all it truly cares about is money, and since the American has the money, it is only fair that he gets the club.

It is the fans in Tampa that I feel truly sorry for. Nice place. Lots of sunshine. No obscene chanting at the game. Not a chance of being knifed after it. Now these are people who genuinely don't deserve Glazer, yet you won't hear anyone arguing that he doesn't have a right to own the Bucs.

This is partly because Americans understand that sport is business, but mostly because major sports in the US are regulated by commissioners with formidable powers to protect the interests of the game and its fans. We, by contrast, have the FA, stuffed with men who would be out of their depth wrapping chips. So while Glazer may not be popular in the sports bars of Tampa, the fans know that there is only so much harm he can do.

The Old Trafford mob, with their deranged bleatings about "history and heritage" deserve no such sympathy. Scum's history, more than ever since it became a Plc in 1991, is about as clean as Roy Keane's mouth. Even the old chairman, Louis Edwards, acquired many of his shares from ration-starved fans by swopping them for joints of meat.

This is the great sporting institution whose greedy and misanthropic manager makes a speciality of demeaning referees, rubbishing his fellow managers and defending players even when they miss dope tests. When did you see the fans take to the streets to complain about this? United gets away with it only because the game allows it to, and if the arrival of Malcolm Glazer finally forces the kind of regulation they take for granted in Tampa, we should all be grateful to him.
As a septic living in Tampa, FL...well about 5 minutes west of, I can tell you that Glazer will not only raise you're ticket prices he will also want a new state of the art stadium built at taxpayers expense and if you don't do as he says he'll threaten to move the team. :D :D :D

Never trust a man that can't grow a proper beard...not to mention owns trailer parks 8O
Being not only a Manc but a Manchester City fan i am loving it.

Like other people have said they have brought it on themselves by putting the club on the market to make easy money.

The best bit is listening to the Scum fans making up reasons for why its happening and what they are going to do about it. 3 words of advice.


I might pop round to my uncles house and ask him if hes going to get his manchester united tattoo removed and start coming to the MCFC games with me and my dad (his brother)
I was at the City V Boro game yesterday and there was loads of city fans with USA flags and t shirts saying "Malcolm Glazier is a blue, He hates united

the story in the paper this morning saying that he has bought the club/sh1t hole made me laugh for hours , actually iam still laughing :lol:

arsenal we do ..............
p.s. mongoose can you stick my name on that petition mate. :D
Fitzy said:
I was at the City V Boro game yesterday and there was loads of city fans with USA flags and t shirts saying "Malcolm Glazier is a blue, He hates united
Loved the penalty, no suprise that Fowler is ex-Liverpool :twisted:
I luv the way they are moaning about the BIG BUSINESS MAN buying their club. Are these the same cockney Mancs who rubbed Everton fans noses in it when they bought Rooney.
They have come home to roost
luke said:
Fitzy said:
I was at the City V Boro game yesterday and there was loads of city fans with USA flags and t shirts saying "Malcolm Glazier is a blue, He hates united
Loved the penalty, no suprise that Fowler is ex-Liverpool :twisted:
They should off let James take it. 100MPH into the net. What else did they have to loose, they had already made him get into normal kit and play upfront and bring weaver on.
Mongoose - Add mine .

I can't understand why the Prawns are whining so much. They've been taking it up the starfish for years with merchandise and ticket prices etc. Are they moaning, because Glazier is actually announcing prices going up, as opposed to steath taxing the fans like the previous board?

Oh what a bad bastard he is lol.

Look forward to the Man U overpaid primadonnas actually earning their ridiculous pay packets by playing all year round now.

Winter in England, Summer in the US, get used to it.
Mongoose said:
I've signed the "We support Malcom Glazer" petition.. Personally as an Arsenal fan, I can't see what the problem is
And as an Albion fan, I really don't fcuking care what the problem is (but thanks for keeping the Scummers down :D )

Man U fans are like lemmings. Loads of them will leap of the cliff in protest but you can absolutley guarantee that thousands of others will be heading up the M1 and M40 to take their places.

Fcuk em.
Liverpudlian, and my sides are splitting.

Hope we get a saviour like Roman - don't mind being someones subbuteo game as long as they cough up the dough and let Raffa crack on with the footie.

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