Man Utd and Arsenals Champions league plans in chaos

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by skintboymike, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Well, that's what the headline read anyway. I read on Sky news this morning that Portuguese club Gil Vicente is appealing to a civil court over their relegation from top flight football, which followed as a result of fielding an ineligibile player. This course of action is against Portugal's FA and FIFA's policies. According to the report, the maximum penalty which could be imposed by FIFA would be to exclude all Portuguese teams, both at national and at club level, from all European competitions. (If you'll remember, the Greeks recently had a similar issue)

    My question - how does this put our plans into chaos? Surely if maximum penalties are endorsed then we should get a bye for any fixture involving those teams? Your thoughts please.
  2. We often hear of maximum punishments, but they are rarly used. I dont think it would happen. If it did, then teams facing Portugese oposition should get a by
  3. They'd probably be put under pressure to drop the case, just for the sake of keeping it all in house. Far too damaging to let it carry on.
  4. It'd mean one less game for us...shame if it happens though, im looking forward to wreaking vengeance on Benfica.
  5. agreed :)
  6. Maybe it was just a wrong use of words, i think what they were getting at was that if Gil vicente are penalised, it will work in our favour but at the moment its a bit hit and miss whether to bother fully preparing for a match that may not happen!
  7. I still reckon the Portuguese will do a bit of ear bending and all appeals from Gil will be dropped. FIFA threatened similar action in Greece and they proper sh*t their pants.
  8. Yeah agreed, at the end of the day all they did was field 1 ineligible player.
    Hardly match-fixing -'COUGH'- Italy is it now