Man Utd 3 - Celtic Crap 0

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by PandaLOVE, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. This game could (should) have ended 10-0 to the Reds. Can this result please end the 'Celtic-Rangers could make it in the Premiership' debate/jock whine that continues to amuse us south of ther border? It was men v boys, pro v pub league, really.
  2. For once Panda, I agree (all be it throgh gritted teeth).

    Celtic were awfull and deserved to be battered.

    WTF were Townsend and co on about? 'Celtic played really well for half an hour' no they didn't, they managed not to concede for the first half hour.

  3. Of course they were bound to lose, playing against 11 tw@ts in red plus a cnut of a ref who can't tell the difference between offside and on!

    Having said that, just what was with the turning out al la Norwich City? The away kit sucks and why no hoops? Ah, I see, perhaps the fef couldn't tell the difference between red and hoops and the score would be only 1 - 0.

    Welcome to the east end of Glasgow you Mancunium scum... be scared, be VERY scared!!!

    On a brighter note, I'm happy to see the bhoys lose in Europe, smug in the satisfaction that those tw@ts from Ibrox aren't there!!!

    And still the money rolls in...
  4. I am a Celtic supporter and could see that we were outclassed.

    However it still should have been 2-0 as Rooneys first wasn't offside.

    Assistants fault all 3, not the refs.
  5. The money may still roll in Airfix, but the co-efficient is being banged in the hoop big time... well done indeed.

    19 away games and only 1 point. Outstanding stuff.

    The famines over why don't you go home ;)
  6. There is indeed a huge gulf between the English and Scottish premier leagues, mostly counted in bank balances. For years there has been talk about joining these leagues but it will never happen; Celtic and Rangers might just make it in the EPL but would perpetually struggle to avoid relegation and never win a trophy. The rest of the SPL teams would be facing days out to Carlise or Wycombe.

    Irrespective of dodgy off-side decisions, Celtic were simply outclassed and the so called 'Battle of Britain' was more reminiscent of 'The Battle of The Big Horn' with the men in red taking on the role of the indians!

    And that from a gooner who was delighted to see five put past the Turks ... just to hear their 'fans' stop that non-stop fcuking jeering whenever our boys had possesion was reason enough for any football fan.

    Well done United and the Gunners.
  7. Fair point, guess we'll just have to remind the rest of Britain it was Celtic that first brought a European title to these shores, guess bank accounts and TV rights counted for jack back then! After all we have to listen to 1966 from you English cnuts all the time (tho who but a Scot remembers Wembley 1967 and the beating England took from North of the Border!!!).
  8. Pedant in me says they weren't. Linky

    As for Celtic/Rangers in the English Premiership. Wasn't that whole notion put to bed ages ago? Leaves the door open for FIFA to put pressure on a GB footy team? Saying that, if this euro super league ever gets up and running, who's to say the top jock teams wouldn't end up playing south of the border. In the event of a euro league being set up the SPL would effectively go from being a 2nd/3rd Tier league within Europe to lower still.
  9. Let the Auld Firm join the English league. After a couple of seasons it would make a cracking Championship fixture.
  10. I can see why you have your username. You must have blocked nostrils from inhaling the stuff, you bitter Scottish Tim cnut.
  11. Bring them on!!!

    Yes we were outclassed, two offside goals and a jammy shot by rooney only added to our woes.

    I hope being at home helps us in the next game or it'll be remember remember the 5th of November all over again.

    Oh well, Cmon the Hoops!!! :D
  12. At the end of the day it's about money, it's nothing to do with whether a team is from north of south of the border. 10 years ago Chelsea were in the doldrums and it wasn't so long ago when Man Utd were in a lower division and far in the shadow of Liverpool. The Old Firm can boast a rather hefty following, but surely if the situation were ever to arise where they moved to the Premiership then it would be the accelerated cashflow that would make all the difference.

    People are cynically suggesting that they would soon be relegated but that is a load of tosh. Simple equation: big club + large fanatical following + lots of cash = inevitable success (usually). It hasn't always been the case, but if you look at the occasions where that equation has failed it has been to do with poor financial management and poor strategic choices and nothing to do with where the club comes from. It's difficult for snidey bigots to accept that.

    Celtic should have used the recent years' success and consequent cash injection to invest in their squad but the board seem to have been incredibly negligent in their foresight. The management seem to be complete donkeys. But it's obviously incredibly difficult for any footballing types to be objective and think about the long war. Eejits.
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    The DVD of which is sitting proudly in my DVD collection. Great to watch.
  14. Jim Baxter - sheer class :D
  15. My bold.


    Tottenham Hotspur - 1963 - European Cup Winners Cup

    You didn't mention what title.


    Not that I don't think Celtic could survive in England. Can you English idiots out there honestly say that pish like Bolton, Wigan, Stoke, Fulham and several other teams in your so called "Best league in the World" have a better squad than Celtic or Rangers. Get your blinkers off. Cocks!!!