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Hey all!
Random question,
What is the unladen weight of a UST?
I'm in the middle of the sticks with no access to TDOL or intranet, need it for chopper of a QM who insists on proving everything he wants!
Please help!
Of course, if the laden weight is actually given in tons, that's 25.4 tonnes. 7000 litres of diesel actually weighs 5.8 tonnes, so unladen weight is 19.6 tonnes.

If the weight is critical, I'd suggest waiting for an answer from someone who has the manual.
mmmm, i think its nearer 15.715 tonnes. Laden weight i have it just over 21tons.
This is from the SV Data i have from the trials i did on them.
The LEGAL GVW is 25t but the DESIGN weight is around 28t.
Your 1kg to 1ltr only works with water. Diesel has a ref SG of around .864 which means 7000ltrs of water is heavier than 7000ltrs of diesel.
Im not at work so getting my figures from documentation i kept on old laptop ref the 15.7 ton figure. If you give me until later today i can get official figure for you.
In fact come to think of it, im sure the unladen weight is on the data plate on the vehicle itself if you have one near you??
For some reason TDOL docs are not showing the unladen mass weight. But laden, unarmoured is 22140kg. This is fuel plus 2 crew plus CES. So take around 6400kg off that for weight of fuel and your getting around my original figure of 15700kg.
As for weight of the Driver, as its a predominantly 1st line asset you need to post that in the Inf, RA, RE, RAC forums! ;)

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