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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by hornepils, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Look, will everyone stop whinging on about this whole "6 month stand down"

    Yes, it sucks.
    Yes, it probably will mean havin to spend more time at home with the wife.
    Yes, everyone else is not happy about it either.
    No, I dont like it either.

    -This isn't a democracy..its the army
    -It's not the army's fault that Government has screwed them over again
    -If you're one of the lot thats threatening to "not come back" because you're stood down for a while, then jog on. We're better off without you anyway.
    The last thing we need now from any serving TA is negativity. Now is the time to stay positive, Stay in touch with what happens at your unit (even if it is unpaid).
    All this talk of "TA will die" is only going to happen if everyone decides to go all emo..back themselves into a corner and cry themselves to sleep about it.

    Rant over.
  2. Why don't you all take up airsoft? You may have to run around a bit more than usual, but essentially it's the same.
  3. yes....... airsoft and mobilisation to afghan, I can see where you got that from. Thats a great comparison. Numpty.
  4. I'm not paying for me own BB's!! Is this man insane?!?!
  5. Ooooooooooh, the fish are biting easily today aren't they!?!? :)

    1 tour and you're a real soldier now?
  6. Do the cuts mean that from now on the vegetable lattice will be removed from the packed lunches?

    Every cloud, eh?
  7. As long as those freakish pies with a cylinder of mushy peas in the middle are consigned to history, I'm happy...
  8. yeay no more 'D' ring pasties! result
  9. Question for the real Old Sweats: is this the most Threads on a single subject in ARRSE history? 8O
  10. Real soldier??

    Are you trying to say the TA aren't real soldiers and if i've only done 1 tour how many do i have to do to be considered a "real soldier"?
  11. Quite possibly, shall we start a new thread to poll a question to find out? :p
  12. At the rate these Threads are growing, they'll end up with their own FORUM! :D
  13. PA, are you that thick. If TA are part time walts therefore ..... are full time walts. Not that fracking hard to comprehend
  14. Polar and Homar, take deep breaths, lads, and repeat after me:

    "I must not Bite...I must not Bite...I must not Bite..." :wink:
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    It was coming months ago, yet so many people put their head in the sand and refused to accept it. The next logical step is to half the number again, as there is little point in having a T.A. with +50% (probably more like +70%) unable to deploy for various (sometimes comedy) reasons. Natural wastage, sackings and restricted recruitment are bound to come. If this has all been discussed then fair enough, but I have been overseas for 2 weeks so missed the fun.