Man United Champions of Europe, Europe, Europe!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by greenbaggyskin, May 27, 2009.

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  1. Surely you should be a City fan then if you're not from Surrey?
  2. Strangely my step dad was from London and he was a dirty blue.
  3. Damn. Was looking for a bite there................
  4. Had a good laugh at ITV's report on GMP police:

    "And this is something you won't have seen before; British Police Officers on patrol in Rome..."

    Love, seeing British Police Officers on patrol in their own country is something of a rarity, never mind Italy... :roll:
  5. I liked the interviewers opening line to a couple of Man Utd supporters in team shirts,

    "Where are you from?" :D

    Subtle but good.
  6. All the best to the Sir Alec and the Reds! :dance:
  7. Not a Man. Utd fan, but all the best to them.
    I hope they bring the trophy back to the UK.
  8. Seconded. Especially since Sir Alec is an ex-Hun! :D
  9. Bit previous this thread, methinks.....
  10. re the thread title?...not anymore your not...

    he he he he he
  11. 2 - 0, cant help feeling oddly happy they lost?
  12. I thought Sir Alex Ferguson was one question away from knocking Geoff Shreeves out there! Quite gracious in defeat though as it happened, unlike that snivelling little attention whore Ronaldo.
  13. I'm Gutted that we lost, should've done better. wish he'd get rid of that lazy tosser Berbetov sharpish.!