Man U v Chelsea Predictions

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Dragstrip, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Kicks off soon.

    I reckon 1-1 draw with a controversial off-side decision against Man U in the closing 15 mins.
  2. I predict a bunch of over rated ego inflated mulit millionaires fannying about on the ground. I predict some posing, posturing and pointless, hollow, meaningless badge kissing when a goal is scored. I predict players and managers giving off at the officials and throwing hissy fits when a decision goes against them. I predict 70,000 working class folk paying to watch all this.

    I'm wearing my 'Sunday' underpants. What car is thet jerk Ronaldo driving today the idiotic moron. He'll be able to meet up with his other hard done by footballing chums Drogba and Cashley Cole from the Chelsea Rich Footballers Welfare Circle.

    It could end 5-5 I just don't give a fcuk. Come on the Villa.
  3. Okay, 3-0. Not even close, I'll have to give up my ideas of a second career in clairvoyancy.
  4. must admit i was impressed by the well-worked "trick corner". can't believe the subsequent goal was disallowed. ridiculous decision.
  5. My bold - 'trick corner.' Whilst they did nothing wrong within the laws off the game, it was outside the spirit of those laws - as has been stated as the reason by the referee. Potentially, Rooney could also have been cautioned for unsporting behaviour and an indirect free-kick awarded to Chelsea.