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Discussion in 'RLC' started by catchyerselfon, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. Hello all in the RLC
    I turn spanners for a living and am wondering if any of these trucks are at units yet?
    Would like a look around one.
    Any thoughts?
    Your help is appreciated in advance
  2. Not yet, but love yer avtar and name. Dead on there mucker, so it is :)
  3. Glad to be of Service BaggyInBlack.
    Good to see a man who recognizes the craic for what it is (so it is)

    Irish People say things twice!

    To be sure, to be sure!
  4. That's why we wear two be sure, to be sure lol.

    I'll get ma coat, so I will.
  5. I saw 3 large green trucks in convoy heading east on the other side of the M4 last week but didn't recognise the type. I thought they might have been some special eqpt, but they might have been the new truck. I will keep my eyes open.

  6. No, the trucks are not in service. If you see a previous thread of mine im involved in the UBRE replacement MAN Truck called the UST (Unit Support Tanker). There are a few trucks in UK, but the trials are still being done by MAN themselves and none officially have been handed over yet. But there a BIG improvement on anything we have now. The only reservation i have is the exhaust is about a foot away from the poor squaddie standing top-cover in the hatch but that aside, looks nice and simple to operate i.e. think of the normal headlight dial for landrovers......well thats how you select the auto gearbox in a MAN!
  7. Will these replace the current 4 tonner UBRE wagon's with the fuel cells mounted on the back not that well see them in the TA :lol:
  8. No, they have a single tank of 7000ltrs fixed to chassis. A dismountable tank would not be ADR/IMDG compliant. If you search my posts i have posted pics of truck. You will get them in the TA, but like you say will take time. First deliverys for Regs are early 2007 if i remember correctly.
  9. At a closing speed of nigh on 140mph, I would be guessing! I know they weren't in my Observer book of current military vehicles!

  10. C5H12O
    PM sent
    Cheers Catch
  11. If these are the trucks that I saw going west on the M4 last tuesday they were Oskosh Fuelers, damn ugly things they were too - hope this helps
  12. Saw the german in service variant of the new UK truck at the Bedford proving ground last year on the DVD show (Defence Vehicle Dynamics or somesuch)
    They were very very very impressive offroad.

    They surely can't be the ones we're getting then can they? I thought that our design specs might say "must blow engines on ingestion of small amounts of dust, mustn't ever "go" properly when off tarmac, must have rollers on the back to allow young uns to "de-rust" them with a shagged out wire brush, and oh, lets not put a spare wheel on it shall we?"

    By the time we get the very very very good ones into service i don't doubt that the DPA will have cocked it up somehow.

    Yours cynically
  13. Is it true that the cabs can accomodate 3 passengers ?
  14. So all the way to the left for Drive and all the way to the right for reverse ? At least you get a reversing light........ :wink: