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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by moto_psycho, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Been a week since i started training for the army, im already within the 12.45 running time, though im applying for REME. I find it pretty strange the fitness levels required are quite low considering id been smoking since i was 10, booze at 12 and weed at 13, all constantly until about christmas. Im not trying to brag atall, but either the human body is ******* amazing or the criteria is quite low...

    Spose ill still have the crap run out of me in basic!! :twisted:
  2. Yes, for someone in their teens 12.45 is pretty high. Come back and continue bragging when you can do it in less than eight minutes.
  3. When are all you kids going to learn, don't make stupid statements on this site cos they will come back and bite you in the arrse, I still get stick about things I did 40 yrs ago
  4. 1 im not in my teens, 2 ill try my best :D im aiming to get para run times at least. never thought id enjoy exercise !

    and the reason im joining at army is to make up for how badly ive ruined my life due to being a little shit in my previous years, so slate me all you wish. (no im not using it as an escape, ive contemplated for many years, and now is the time)

    and no, im not saying the army is unfit, far from it, but the entry requirements seem pretty tame, but i suppose who the **** is gonna join if they have to sprint 5 miles or something
  5. If you find yourself struggling with the running I do a great line in amphetamines :)
  6. Good for you but dont give ammo to others by making stupid statements, the instructors will give you enough crap without you helping them, best of luck

  7. smokeing since you were 10 ...tbh you sound like a prat ATM
  8. lol ive smoked for years i cant still run pretty well its no excuse mate if u train hard u will be able to meet the required fitness needed for the job you applied for
  9. 8O
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Who's the one with the O2 thief tag?
  11. I was under the impression is you hit the line at 12 min + at selection you failed but the official time states 12:45. Someone care to explane?
  12. you have up to the stated times in the other thread. but that may not be enough to get you in. for 9th/12th lancers which i want maximum time is 13mins 15 secs. if that the case i would of stopped months ago. by end of basic you need to be withing 10.30 iirc or by the end of phase 2 . my run times are flucuating between low 11 mins and low 12 mins depending on when i run and what i eat before hand * you`d be suprised on the differance on what fuel your body has to use *

    i am adiment that if i pass pre-adsc and get sent for selection and pass i will not stop training. as basic will be a ball ache other wise and you will only look a lazy ass cock if you go basic and on 1st day you get a slower run time than selection. my strength is my asset were as my running is not so my training is more c.v enduro based training. i`m very stocky from years of rugby after i stopped motorbike racing when i was younger. i see me carrying more bulk as an advantage as i have to work myself harder compared to the skinny lad who is skin and bone.

    so yeh basically the entry standards are not high but come basic your balls willbe burning but its all good its making you into a man.

    weed ftl btw is there any reason to smoke it
  13. i used 2 do motorcross 2 so that built up my strength tryin 2 keep a bike that was 4 times my size up right llo

  14. ok your stocky,but anyone can be stocky and have a big ass.unless u like stallone have stamina strengh and the stocky nice lean look.i know every 1 says steroids steroids.but trust me i know some lads who have taken steroids but still u cant tell a differnece if they have took or not.steds dont mean u take and u like ripped and have the bulk in week4.and 1 thing to point out that skin and bone will be alot more determined in my opinion.
  15. a quick quesiton i can do sumit like 7 heaves not many but only need 2 do 4 at selection but 1 day i can do 7 and more next day i can lyk only do lyk 3 while struggling whats the problem? thanks guys