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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jip Travolta, Dec 12, 2002.

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  1. © Copyright of Telegraph Group Limited 2002.

    "Britain risks huge influx of east Europe migrants
    By Philip Johnston, Home Affairs Editor

    Millions of workers from eastern Europe will be
    eligible to work and settle in Britain from the
    moment their countries join the EU in 18 months, the
    Government announced yesterday.

    Britain is to waive its right under the accession
    treaty to delay extending full work opportunities to
    new members for up to seven years.

    This could make it the main target for migrant
    workers, campaigners said last night, as Germany
    and other major economies were imposing
    restrictions on movements from the East.

    The accession treaty, due to be signed by leaders in
    Copenhagen this weekend, will clear the way for
    Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia,
    Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to join the

    Ministers said that allowing migrant workers from
    these countries into Britain at the earliest
    opportunity would help the economy. But Oliver
    Letwin, the shadow home secretary, challenged the
    Government to explain why it had not made use of
    the transitional arrangements.

    "We live in a small and crowded island," he said.
    "Why does the Government consider it appropriate
    not to have transitional controls when other EU
    countries have imposed them."

    Germany, fearful of a large influx of migrant workers,
    will strictly control immigrants from applicant
    countries for up to seven years, although there are
    exceptions for various professions and additional
    agreements could be reached to allow more in.

    Besides Britain, only Ireland, Sweden, the
    Netherlands, Denmark and Greece have said they
    will open their labour markets fully to the new EU
    members on May 1, 2004.

    Citizens of Malta and Cyprus, which are also joining,
    will not be subject to employment restrictions.

    "This is a decision with potentially massive
    consequences," said Andrew Green, the chairman of
    Migrationwatch UK, an independent think-tank.

    "With other major economies delaying opening their
    labour markets, there could be a substantial flow
    into Britain to add to the flow from third world

    The Government said it did not expect any large
    movements of labour. But the European Commission
    estimated last year that there would be 335,000
    additional net migrants a year to the EU if immediate
    freedom of movement were allowed.

    With many eastern Europeans thought to be
    working illegally in Britain already, the Government
    might have considered it better to regularise their
    work and collect tax.

    But Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, said of the
    treaty: "This is in the UK's interests. It will attract
    workers we need in key sectors and is part of our
    managed migration agenda."

    He said that restrictions could be reintroduced if
    there was an "unexpected threat" to particular
    regions or sectors of the labour market.

    But Home Office research suggested that the
    numbers would not be "significant".

    Mr Straw said: "The evidence is that emigrant
    workers return to their countries after joining the
    EU, thanks to the increased stability and prosperity
    that membership brings."

  2. I thought they already made up a significant part of the potato picking population in Norfolk and East Anglia.... ;D

    And plenty of very pretty Czech girls working as aupairs in and around Uxbridge - lucky lads in QCS must be having a ball (or two!) - would happily accept more of them.
  3. So its OK to let the good looking Czeck Au pairs in but no-one else?

    And the suffragettes wanted the vote..why?
  4. Wellllll, yes ;)

    No am all for letting in anybody who can add value to our society.  

    Most of the czech girls go home after a year with significant savings to help them set up in Prague etc. (mores the shame)

    I have a severe issue with loafers and wasters who just take and yet add nothing to "our" (that is the country's) well being or improvement - this goes for the indigenous population as well. :mad:
  5. Well recovered line_grunt, gone from wanting to poke you in the eye to agreeing with you in one post.

    Are you a salesman? Do you want a job?
  6. No just a reformed red hackled jock milan pl comdr who works in advertising as an account director / project manager - i do miss blowing up tanks, so much more satisfying than my current job!

    Though am never averse to a job offer.......
  7. The problem at the moment is that British people will no longer be able to find a job at the lower end of the market.  All the low paid jobs are being taken by people of non British denomination (sorry, not sure what the guidelines of the Govt think tank on PC racial group classification is!).  This in turn will lead to a rise in unemployment and invoke a hatred of "non British nationals"

    The upside of this is, is that society will have to strive for better education so they could set their sites higher when looking for employment.  This could also be an attempt by the Govt to get more people to do a university course and pay loadsa money into someones pocket.
    I was going to add that Degree=good job but seeing some of the officers I've had to "take under my wing" I don't think that's necessarily so.

    Cynic alert, Cynic alert!
  8. Agree with you in the main, however, a majority of the British population are not willing to contemplate working in lower paid jobs as these are seen by some as below their station in life, (which is a bit ironic considering the gutter would be a step up for some), they are happy to sit on their fat shell suited arrses and take my tax money....... :mad: :mad:
  9. The difficulty with a degree now is that it is so ubiquitous that it no longer seperates the graduate from the masses, this is especially so when young Jonny goes to the University of Central Chipping Sodbury to do their HND/BA Under Water Basket Weaving Meeeedjya Studies course. Sadly we are becomming like the US where a degree only signifies the end of formal education and the first degree is watered down. The only way I see myself differentiating myself from the rest of the populous is by getting an MBA in my own time, which the army sees as superfulous and doesn't bend over backwards to support. Perhaps it doesn't recognise that some people see life after service?

    Anyway, one consequence which may support the economy is that the jobs which don't pay enough to attract workers into (bin men, fruit picking, cleaning etc etc) will attract foreign nationals for whom this income represents a lifeline. The net result will be a boost to the support sector economy. This is certainly the case in the US where illegal immigrants from Mexico are an acknowledged grey market workforce that keeps many a pool maintenance company in business. The down side is that it will further dis-enfranchise an under-class. My view is that if the underclass that is created aren't motivated to succeed they will flounder. So long as we crack down on the subsequent up-surge in crime, who cares if the wasters waste away in oblivion? I don't, so long as I don't have to pay for the, Survival of the fittest, something the weak and feeble minded liberals can't appreciate.
  10. We could just bring the coup forward ;D
  11. Where are the Czech Au pairs 8)
  12. It's all a ploy.

    If you're generous, our mighty leaders are trying to get these fellows on our side so that we can form an alliance against the Vichy - Deutchie pact.

    If your cynical, a certain political party likes to keep the electorate poor and stupid so that it votes for them.
  13. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Gentlemen and Ladies,

    The Date for the Coup stands.

    Do not mention is any more or OPSEC may be compromised.

  14. MDN lots of likely czech aupairs to be found in Uxbridge, (along with Jordan falling out her tops ;D) and the surrounding pubs, nightclubs.

  15. Line_grunt, MDN couldn't pull an au pair in an Amsterdam window with a £50 note hanging out of his shirt.

    Surely you don't like Jordan. Shes horrid

    Sorry to get off topic, Line_grunt meet me in the NAAFI bar to discuss this further.