"Man the fcuk up" rugby v football video

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chocolate_frog, Jun 12, 2009.

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  1. Does any one have a link to this video?

    I saw it about a year ago...

    basically the first half is ridiculing footballers in various displays of their pretend tackles.... followed by some of the most gruesom rugby tackles seen on the pitch.

    Can't seem to find it again, but would like to show to a rugby friend of mine down under.
  2. Reminds me of 'motor cycle enthusiasts' who in fact never talk about anything but car drivers.
  3. Close intergeri.

    I have a feeling it was done by a Aus/NZ type.

    Half way through it cut to a bell tolling, and a shot of the all blacks squad looing menacing (thiis popped up every time the bell rang).

    At the end it had an all black spitting what could have been a tooth, followed by the words "Man the fcuk up", followed by that picture of the football defence wall holding handbags!!!
  4. That sounds about right, although i can't recall the "football song"... for whom the bell tolls is the "rugby song".
  5. That's the bobby, chears BC.
  6. That's a good start to the day. :D

    Some bone crunching tackles there plus a few yellow and red cards methinks and a smart right hook from the second row.

    On the flip side, there's that Brazilian bell-end who has obvious difficulty in distinguishing his abdomen from his mong-like face :albino: and that Chelsea ponce, whose skills at diving could only be equaled in the pool :p .

    They and many others are a fcuking disgrace to sport and should all be tied up in a goal net, tossed into the sea behind a Spanish fishing trawler and served up in batter with chips. :roll:

    Roll on the Lions this afternoon. Let's restore some faith in sportsmen.
  7. Yup. Lions are going to slaughter the Stormers.

    Bulls fan myself. Lions/Bulls tussle would be a fish of a different colour....
  8. There's a fair few illegal tackles in that clip mind. Fair few you'd walk away from (hopefully) with a few tears in the eyes....

    Re the Hakas... there so many teams now that do the Haka.

    Is it about time the Lions used a Haka too?

    Obviously a Haka is not just for war, it can be for welcoming guests, funerals and just for celebration, so we could get the Lions to do some Morris Dancing or similar.

    But, the Haka in Rugby should be about "war". About the challenge to the opposition.

    What about the Lions getting in to two ranks, with the front rank dropping to one knee?
  9. I understand that Bath do something similar after matches - only the front rank is facing the rear chaps.
  10. Steady there fella. They're not all Welsh you know.