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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff_Morris, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. Just wondered what are the best 'man tests' people have heard of, the one I remember was when on Op Telic, going into those portable toilets in Basrah Airport and smashing one off in the midday sun! Always a good one to get the sweat pouring and many of the boys couldnt handle it and gave in!

    Any others?!
  2. There used to be this black plastic water pipe at ground level that went through the middle of the tented accommodation area in Oman. One of the many man tests there was to do as many pressups with your hands on that pipe as possible.

    I think the record was only about 8, and that guy had to be treated for severe burns on the palms of his hands. Some guys actually have to piss on the fence to realise its electric.
  3. Scary Mary, SEME, Bordon. That was a man test and a half. Although I do know a lad that was "seeing" her for a few months.

    How many sachets of screech you could get in your mouth. Winning amount, unknown, but quite a lot!

    Snatch block lifts.....I managed 9 or 10.
  4. I find reading bone posts to be quite a test,and I'm a man.Hope that helps you.
  5. A real man finds the idea of drop kicking a small puppy funny!
  6. More funny would be to drop kick you (leave the puppy alone) :x

  7. Nahhh, kittens are funnier, they actually screech when you drop kick them... I say screech, more of a whimpering meeeeeeeeeeeeow, but tbh, its hard to describe a small furry animal in pain noise if im honest.

    Imagine a cat being strangled, then passed through a mangle, whilst being drowned in a vat of cold oil whilst being fingered by a ham fisted rechy mech?

    Thats the noise.

    Makes me laugh when I hear it anyway.
  8. You must be a real tough nut, I wonder what noise your my mum will make when I kick her in the head.
  9. :D
  10. msr

    msr LE

    The ratpack challenge: eat the entire contents of a ratpack without puking. 2 Gunners ate the lot, but subsequently chucked up. 3 failed to get it all down before chundering...


  11. I would imagine no noise whatsoever, given that she has been dead for about 5 years now!

    Next gobshite comment fucktard?
  12. Mmm Still Warm then.............

  13. Oooh Oooh!! Do we have some bites there? :D
  14. no mate, buried up north, so a bit chilly by now is my guess.

  15. I might have misread that reply.....

    My mum or your mum?

    Mine, as per my earlier reply, yours? I would imagine a similar noise to the one she makes when I split her hoop and leave it looking like a squashed blood orange after a night of back door action.

    And trust me, she does love a good ripping, ask her....