Man Test

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bloodforblood, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. Just had a piss take of the inferno pizza from pizza hut and now feel as though my mouth is filling up with blisters, ouch!!
  2. You can get cream for those, and don't go near Dale again.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Try the 'Etna' from pizza express, now that's a man's pizza.

    I assume it takes it's name after the volcanic eruption that occurs from ones arrse crevice the following day.
  4. Stick a bog roll in the fridge, just in case!
  5. That's a man test?

    What the feck was I doing snorting a line of fag ash on the last Coy night out?!
  6. Working your ticket?
  7. Whiskey, trust me I've cleaned out ashtrays and yammed bacon from the bottom of a field kitchens sink whilst washing the trays it came from and would do both of those again rather than eat that shite again
  8. That's not under debate tosser :D
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I've had hotter Phall Curries!One's that make your ring sting the morning after when you sh1t out a block of red hot coals outta ya hoop!
  10. I was home, (in the UK), in July to meet my new SIL, (a fine young filly from Indonesia - and my brother didn't even have to pay for her - but that's an aside).

    Being from eastern shores she's partial to those nice little Thai Peppers. I tried one... A quick chew and swallow over the two bites required to scoff it was fine... Hot? Yes, but quite bearable.

    Unfortunately, somehow, the subject came up with my 9 year old niece who questioned me... Gobshite here told her it was no problem... She wanted to see it done again. I lied about there being none left, (there was one). She found it and presented it to me. This is where a few beers and a 9 year old niece do not do well where Thai Peppers are concerned.

    In it went and, as I carefully discussed the finer points of hot food with my juvenile niece I forgot to stop chewing and swallow the damn thing. After about 45 seconds to a minute, with my SIL looking at me like I was fucking nuts, I suddenly realized I was sweating... A lot...

    It took a full 15 minutes for the tears to leave my eyes... :(

  11. Poof.

    Well, you started it.
  12. That's not under debate, tosser :D
  13. Bollocks, sussed again. :D

    There's a new Asian supermarket near us and the row upon row of spices need to be seen to be believed.
    Still working my way through the fresh peppers.
    There must be 15 to 20 different types to choose from. All sizes and shapes.
    They say that the smaller the hotter but the ones I had last night didn't support this. Medium sized but hot as hell.
    Cheap too. Burn your gob off for half the price.

    Can anyone remember who made the Jalapeno pepper crisps? I have a taste for some right now. They'd go nice with this glass of Cumberland ale.
  14. The biggest test of a man.........

    Admitting to going into a Pizza Hut.Let alone eating one of their "meals"