Man TEST - Score yourself

Just thinking back to a holiday in Spain when I spent a few hours in a local Spanish cell. The food was awful, but some other Brit (Dodgey geezer) gave me a tenner to get some food ordered in from a local taverna, so here's the MAN TEST - which I obviously pass. You must answer 8 out of 10 to be a man. 6/7 means you're a boy, 5 or less - you're just a girl!!
Q1. Have you spent time in a foreign cell?
Q2. Have you done a bird up the ringer?
Q3. Bungee jumped or parachuted?
Q4. Played a drinking game involving vomit, pee or poo?
Q5. Been in a gang bang of sorts? - an orgy counts too.
Q6. Crashed a car or motorbike?
Q7. Got naked in a bar? score 2 if it was in Mon Cheries, 3 if it was Starlights you brave man!
Q8. Shaved you head for a laugh?
Q9. Pulled a girl and got a shag in less than an hour? a blow job will suffice.
Q10. Dressed up in fancy dress for a night out for no apparent reason? You're a total femme if you answer no to this one!!
Hope you did OK

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