man targerts, police targets etc are NOT illegal!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by HARDMAN476, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. why does every club seem to insist that police targerts.are banned..some idot always says "its against the law to have those targerts" these people even borther to read the firearms act? there is no mation anywere of banning paper with a drawing of 'badguy with a gun' anyware in the firearms act 1997 esp sction 5 which lists what is banned!!!
    that would be a first in the uk banning a paper with a drawing on it.....5 years for having a banned peice of paper i think not :x :x :roll:

    just like some cnut who said that all semi auto shotguns are banned !!!!
  2. Welcome back, Khan of Mongs! :D

    We missed you! :hug:
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, at least your spelled Firearms Act 1997 correctly, albeit you didn't capitalise it, but who's counting? I'm not. Well ranted.
  6. Yes indeed, a most entertaining thread. :lol: However do we really need such ballistics/arms experts? :headbang:
  7. Cletus must be out tonight. :lol:
  8. Nice to see you again, Chief Judge! :lol:

    Load your Lawgiver - Mong will fall when hit! :twisted:
  9. It's "care in the community" and no it doesn't seem to have helped him.
  10. Does this mean that we can have some targets printed with a likeness of Hardman476 on them?

    If so, I'm up for a few. Then every time he spouts crap on this forum I can quite legally go out and shoot him.


  11. UP YOURS

    this is a serious rant as people who think they know the law talk out of they arse....esp when you ask them where they got there info from....normally they dont say and when they do it is from some mate....but never from the horse's mouth ie. the firearms act 1997 & 1968
  12. I think this may well be my first time I have seen any of HM476's posts. Might have a quick gander through his others - back in a bit.
  13. No, my mistake - I have seen his posts before, I must have just been trying to forget them - what a tool!
  14. all others in favour of deletion of both thread and the mong thread starter (hopefully permananently) please say 'AYE'

    you dont have to suffer from mong. just say NO.

    PS - to the council of five, please do not bait, or encourage this mong to post anymore drivil on this forum as the Arrse Firearms Fetish Krew (AFFK) are allready suffering from a crayoning little poser.