MAN SV Winch Wagon

Discussion in 'REME' started by WINCH-IN, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. hi guys,

    I have 2 SV winch wagons and they require testing, but when i go to pull/pay the rope out my RCU reads Rope end! rope in only and its litterally 1 metre from fairlead and wont even winch in?? any ideas??

    "Pulling Bitches Outta Ditches"
    "Signed OFF"
  2. AAGF


    Disclaimer - I have ZERO knowledge of this particular system, but in general, there's going to be some form of sensor associated with the winch cable status - take a close look and clean/adjust. Or maybe your RCU is bad ...
  3. Are you on about the man svr?
  4. No on about jus the normal MAN SV with the self recovery winch fitted and i cleaned sensor and used different RCU and still same problem occurs??
  5. is this kit getting too sensitive/fragile? what if you needed to use the thing under a combat situation and you 'have a bit of a dirty sensor?'
  6. Sounds shite.. Glad I left when it was all about big levers and gears
  7. All well and good but im looking for the answer here ! not war stories!
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  8. true. sorry. just concerned.
  9. REME bloke behind me say;s its the sensor, dodgy or dirty
  10. already looked and cleaned it anyone know if u can engage anything onit to make it freespool like a dogclutch?
  11. It's a known problem in REME apparently, it comes from not playing biscuit often enough!
  12. Have you read the 201?
  13. Have you tried attaching it to another MAN and getting the MAN to drive whist pressing the button to unwind?
  14. sorted it there is a dogclutch on rear right hand side behind rear wheel WTF stupid place to put it but all good now
  15. Why are you trying to operate a winch without either being trained on it or at least reading the instructions?