Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tank6275, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. HELP! got a tasking from my PSI to do a lecture on wednesday night on the new MAN SV DROPS anyone in the know could you possibly get in touch or send me any info or pics?
    Any help much appreciated
  2. I know a little bit about it ( 8O ).
    SV DROPS, or EPLS as its known (Enhanced Palletized Load System) is a UOR equipment, that is its bought using budget set aside for fastball operational requirements.
    Its based on the HX77 chassis of the SV Cargo Veh family. Some of the Cargo variants were pulled from the Core program and converted to DROPS type capability. In the original contract there was not to be a DROPS type SV.
    THe system itself that is bolted on is made by HIAB, which took on the Multilift system from old stylee DROPS MM and IM.
    It can lift 15t, as in the HIAB system can(!).
    The main differences from old DROPS to new DROPS (talking about the operation here not the truck obviously) is:
    1. Can "free lift" ISO containers without having to place, first, on to flatracks.
    2. The driver/operator has to rely on a camera system to view the rack/ISO being loaded or lifted due to the design of SV, i.e. no cab rear window.
    3. It has a DASLI system which will tell the driver/op the condition of the load exceeding GVW or load distribution.
    4. To lift ISO/Flatracks each operation requires a changing of the lifting equipment configuration.
    5. The lifting system, although similar to old DROPS, during the last or 1st stage of operation actually slides the load on or off the truck.

    Once you get used to not looking through the window and looking at everything through a tv-screen then its relatively easy to use. The controls themselves are still the joystick and rotary dial but now with pretty truck diagrams to tell you exactly what the system is doing. It will also give you fault codes which are good to try and decipher!
    There are teething problems, but after all its put through trials and initial usage quicker than the Core program due to its UOR nature. That said, the Danes recently bought the same type. Ideally we should of got it mounted on the SX version of the HX77 (coiled suspension and diff gearbox) but it costs more and we didnt buy them. SV EPLS wont replace DROPS MM or IM outside Op Theatres but there maybe scope in the future(?????!!!!).

    Hopefully that will help you from my small amount of knowledge of SV!
  3. Beat me to it!

    Have you got your tick in box sorted yet? :wink:
  4. Am i still a grey op....yes! Sitting in and teaching SNATCH the past 3 weeks almost hasnt given me much time to get away.
    In fact last Fri was first time i have spent a full day in the office!
    So if there is a slot coming up i should be good to go (he says cross fingered!)
  5. CH, I'll give you a buzz tomorrow.

    Tank, apologies for hijacking your thread.
  6. CH5120. Two questions:

    1. Do I assume from these posts that we bought a "Budget Version" of the MAN trucks? I though we bought the same spec as other armies i.e Germans. In fact I thought the vehicles were the same no matter who bought them (except for the obvious country changes (i.e seats, lights radio fot etc..)

    2. My son (mad Landrover enthusiast) and myself are keen to know exactly what the NEW engine in the Snatch VIXEN is. Do you happen to know? If so pleae put us out of our misery. We have searched on Google and cannot find the answer.

  8. Thanks CH5120. I think I need to familiarise myself with the differnce between SV/SX and HX. I thought they were very similar (obviously NOT). I did think they were all automatic though. Is that not the case???

    As for the VIXEN engine. No I am surprised as both the MoD and Landrover websites have stated that the VIXEN was to have a NEW and more powerful engine (just done a quick Google can't find a single blooody posting now!!) I'm sure I didn't imagine it though.


  9. Ref VIXEN, it does say in articles "more power....etc etc". Im almost 100% sure its not a different engine but maybe mods to present engine to improve power. I have driven it but was an auto version.

    Ref SV...
    SX 45 - 4 axles, 440bhp D20 Common Rail Engine, full auto powershift geabox, coil suspension, full torsion resistant chassis. This is what the SV Recovery variant is based on.
    SX 44 - 3 axles, 440bhp D20 Common Rail Engine, full auto powershift gearbox, coil suspension, full torsion resistant chassis. The only variant of this is Unit Support Tanker and a few 9t Cargo variants.
    HX 60 - 2 axles, 326bhp D08 Common Rail Engine, 12 Speed Tipmatic Gearbox, Leaf spring suspension. This replaces 4t trucks.
    HX 58 - 3 axles, 440bhp D20 Common Rail Engine, 12 Speed Tipmatic Gearbox, Leaf spring suspension. This replaces 8t trucks.
    HX 77 - 4 axles, 440bhp D20 Common Rail Engine, 12 Speed Tipmatic Gearbox, Leaf Speing Suspension, This replaces the 14t truck.

    Easy way to describe the Tipmatic, is its a manual gearbox with a computer controlled clutch and gear change. But there is no clutch pedal. The driver can select D, and the truck pulls away in 3rd and the computer will changes up the gears automatically. But whilst in D you can select MAN on the column stalk, now the driver "tips" up or down the column stalk to change gear. But if you forget and keep in 9th, for instance, slow to walking pace then try and speed up it will labour or even stall. But if you stop whilst in MAN it will disengage the clutch and select 3rd again to pull away. To be honest, i drive 80% AUTO and temp override to MAN 20% of a journey.
  10. Many thanks CH and horridlittleman for the info! some of the tech stuff slightly confusing ie the tipmatic gearbox but im sure ill manage to keep the simple minded DROPS drivers interested for 10 minutes. At least i can say that as i am one myself and i'm the only one that gets the task cause im the one that gets the hard-on over greenfleet. Sad eh?
  11. cheers tangosix, pdf should give me a lot ive emailed MAN as well for as many pics as they can supply me with
  12. What pics do you need?