MAN SV, any good?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CH512O, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Now that the big green German truck is out there in the big Soldiery world, what are the views of it?
    Without going into OPSEC issues as they are also deployed, any dramas so far? Or even good points?
    But before anyone says, No, there was no room for beds and No, there wont be a electrically operated spare wheel winch!!!

    Helmet on, incoming! :threaten:
  2. The BV in the front is the best bit!
  3. One tick in the box then!
  4. The only drama is that there is only 500 trailers available that are compatable with it (according to my VT Ststems instructor). Which is why my unit is having to retain 2-3 Dafs for towing the Feps.....well thought of then!
  5. Yes, not all present trailers can be towed. This is due to the SV towing pintle height.
    The FEPS problem was known about early on but the ongoing problem is down to Rolls Royce who manufacture FEPs. It requires a re-design of the towing arm and eye.
    This may of been sorted now and a solution in one of those long dark pipelines!!!
  6. MAN SV(R) = Top wagon, excellent.
  7. Having seen a few ex-TELIC Fodens in Ashchurch the other day im not surprised!!
  8. I've only done the Conversion so far but I've got mates on Herrick who are saying it's the dogs bollox.
  9. Hmmm the FEPS problem is down to Rolls Royce, how come

    FEPS has been in service for 5+ years (got my first ones in 2003 with the short A frames which could not be towed by Box Body Vehicles 'MOD F up not Rolls Royce' never mind the euro law about air taps on the Bedfords 'manufactured date')

    How long the Man's been in service just a tadge less I think. Typical not doing a proper evaluation with all possible kit used by all arms
  10. Because Rolls wouldnt sign off the modification to the towing frame on the FEP's (this may of changed now though). They own them after all!
    Ref your comment about "typical not doing a proper evaluation.." We did and thats when we found out it would'nt tow it. But if we were to lower the towing pintle you loose the departure angle on the truck. And to be fair, why change 6000+ trucks to tow some big large ass genny when you can mod 1300 FEPs.
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  11. Oh come now CH, surely in the true fashion of MOD procurement the 6000 SVs would be modded, as well as the 1300 FEPs resulting in the SV still being unable to tow the FEPs! :wink:
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  12. Can we get one of the bloody things? I want a bigger fitter truck. :)
  13. Well when you do get one for fucks sake dont start drilling holes all over it!
  14. Can I at least hammer nails through the side of it? Where else am I going to hang my tan dust coat? :)
  15. Depending when the Bedford was manufactured they can no longer be used to tow airline braked trailers.

    Stupid rule we had one bedford that was made after the cut off date (exactly the same veh apart from age as the others)

    Picked up on unit PRI thingy

    Rolls Royce already modified the A frames because when they were trialled they were trialled on GS wagons, the box body over hang meant that they could not be towed except by GS wagons (entailed a much longer A frame being fitted which changed the centre of gravity and the tow hitch weight load

    Now its Rolls Royces fault again because a new vehicle has entered service that can not tow all in service trailers ?????

    we had this before with vehicles and trailers and ended up with the vehicles being modified with adjustable tow eyes instead of fixed (it was a simple fix at the time old tow eye fixed to a bracket that could be adjusted and the bracket bolted into place where the tow eye used to be)