MAN SV "Air Tap"

Discussion in 'REME' started by Robbo5833, Mar 22, 2012.

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  1. Is there an "air tap" behind the palm couplings on these like there was on previous trucks? I had to recover one which a para engineer crashed a few months ago and couldn't get air into it. I had a quick look underneath but couldn't see it and as it was only a 4 wheeler and I was on a 6 wheel wrecker just filled the air tank and dragged it without working brakes.
  2. There isnt but i take it you were dragging it from its arse end? Im sure a up-to-date Reccy Mech will come along and tell you how to do it but from my limited SV recovery knowledge, to get air into the truck you have to send the air in through the front palm couplings??
  3. No, I picked up the front, put my air couplings onto the palm couplings but got nothing... Instead I plumed straight into the air valve block on the side.. It was blocking the A1 and I'd just upset some crab crash tender and the police were in a rush to get it cleared so I didn't hang around to look to long for a tap. The driver was worse than useless... He knew nothing about the truck
  4. I just got recovered off the A34 300m to a services after the canbus went tits up on one of my 6T SVs the idiots that turned up from BAKERS recovery made me take the prop shafts off even though I told him he did not need to and his nice big shiny truck didnt even have palm couplings on board to give me air. £350 Quid for the priviledge of getting straight barred 300m and me taking the props off and driving without power steering. Have we bought the worst truck known to man for electrical faults . I dispair at how much these things go tits up, at least I could fix my Bedford by the road side.
  5. If they wanted the propshafts taken off then they should have done it, would they expect a driver to take them off?
  6. How come you don't need to take the props off? I've never known a civi firm to not take the prop(s) off if there's drive going back up to the gearbox even if they are straight barring something. Although that could be fear of the unknown that makes them do that. There's a lot that goes on out here that's very different to how I was used to doing recovery. Due to accountability I guess.

    It's a drivers job to take the prop off isn't it? That's what I always told sappers, especially if it was muddy underfoot!
  7. We were causing a massive tail back which was adding to the crash that happened infront of us, the police were really good but needed the road open as soon as possible so they tasked their recovery.I explained I was a VM and that there is a disconnect switch on the dash for just such an instance but he refused to move me unless props were off even though it was only 300m. He got every pipe out of his truck but still couldnt find a palm coupling. The second guy that turned up from AVIS was a top guy had all the gear and new his stuff even checked the prop going into the box to proove the drive was disconnected, still say we have bought a pig in a poke , too complicated and will cost a fortune in the long turn when out of warranty.
  8. From the few vm's I've spoke to about it they've done nothing but complain. I'll have to remember the switch on the dash for next time..thanks for the heads up
  9. When you flick the switch that is in the middle of the dash it comes up with a picture of four wheels in the dash board display with a big N in the middle, dont ask how far you can tow will look tomorrow for piece of mind for myself.
  10. Chap 1-5 of the Operators Handbook under towing, states that if the distance to be towed is less than 100km's and there is no damage to the transfer case, you do not need to disconnect the prop-shaftA All you need to do is simply move the 'transfer case' select switch from either the road/off-road postion into Neutral.
  11. I wonder why it's less than 100kms... Strange figure to have...or after that time does oil starvation occur?
  12. Do the whole trip in sections of 99km, just stop for a fag break every 99km and then carry on. Might take a while though plodding along at 60kph........
  13. 60kph? I'm a civi now, all our trucks sit at 56mph!
  14. Not up to date on MAN types however, always try joining airlines together and couple up to a rear red line, this used to work on lots of vehicles remember nothing ventured nothing gained,

    If a civvy rec firm want any mobilisation doing let them do it if its wrong its them that pay, like the ******* that recovered a TM back in 92 they disconnected the propshaft from the gear box strapped it up lifted the front and drove off, they should have disconnected it from the rear axle if it was necessary not the gearbox end, they said an army mechanic had been towing it, When I told commander maint he went and checked the recovery requests that the RMP had, and due to the location where the breakdown occurred there were no Army units thats why a contractor was used, They were Billed,

    thing is they tried to tell my Full screw all mobilisation was done just hitch up and go when he went to collect it, being a Good Recy Mech he had a good look around and underneath then saw the whiplash damage and no prop he became suspicious and refused to start any lift then the truth was found out in the back was a mangled prop
  15. On the subject of MAN SV, is there anything special that you use to lubricate the self recovery winch rope? The 201 refers you to a chapter that doesn't exist!!