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Discussion in 'RLC' started by fatdave42, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. Does any one have a good handout for the MAN SV 6T. I am doing some fam training, and would like to give the students a handout. If you have one you could send me I would be grateful.
  2. Have you tried your Master Driver, or RLC TDT?

  3. Why don't you read the relevant publications and extract the data that you require for the training, is it because all fat ***** are lazy?
  4. I did a A5 handout when i was trialling SV but although the IPT liked it, due to it being too close to In Service Date there wasnt enough money to print them out for in theory every trained SV driver. It was done a bit like KiT Magazine but instead of cartoons (im crap at drawing!) it was photos with easy to understand instructions. In fact a lot of what i put in it, has appeared in KiT since then as i sent a copy to the IPT.
    But as people said, tell people where to look (TDOL) and to be fair get them out in the veh as soon as they pass their FAM training, its not a hard to truck to master as long as the instruction is good in the first place!!
  5. Don't bother with handouts. They go out of date and can provide misleading information. Get the information from the relevant, up to date, AESP.If you train them correctly and show them where the information is then they don't need to refer to a crappy piece of paper.It is also worthwhile teaching them to use JSP 800 Vol 7, this cotains all the loading diagrams and vehicle dimensions you will ever need. Shame most units don't even know what it is.
  6. Thanks for the advice. I now have completed some FAM training so we can get the vehicles when we get them.

    Spaz. I will pass the one up the chain, but at £89 odd a day for my wages, it would have been better to NOT reinvent the wheel each time.
  7. point one, how the piss do you deploy the spare wheel on british roads ?
    point 2,, dont have a hold on the rear grab handles when dropping the tail gate......
  8. Point One. Call the wobbles out to close the road down.(yer right!!!)

    Point Two. But it is funny to watch.
  9. Point Three don't leave in gear after switched off
  10. Have to live with that im afraid. You drive onto the other side of road or pull into a layby etc where you can lower it safely. Its that or MAN redesign the whole fleet, which would of not been cost effective.
  11. And this does what? Apart from stops you from starting it, all you do is select Neutral and bobs your uncle. Bit like any other vehicle really!
  12. Isn't this something to do with loss of air should the vehicle have been standing for a while? Something like you can't select neutral without footbrake depressed, and as thier is no air brakes do not allow selection of neutral... I'm not sure but on my fam training this very point was brought up about ensuring that neutral was selected on switch off...Else you would be unable to start vehicle.
  13. If you're air has dropped to far you can't take it out of gear.
  14. Although SV has a "automatic" gearbox, its not like a DROPS etc which has a torque converter. The gearbox in all MAN SV's (apart from SV(R) and SX versions) is a Tipmatic. This is basically a manual gearbox, complete with clutch but the truck (the computer in it) operates the clutch and not your foot. With the column stalk you can "ask" the computer to change gear when its in "manual" mode or let the computer do it for you in "auto" mode a bit like a auto gearbox. This is why you can still sometimes stall a MAN SV when in manual mode. You do not have to put your foot on the brake to select neutral or any gear. The gearbox select switch is purely electrical and without it in neutral it wont energise the starter circuit. When in gear and truck idiling the clutch is disengaged by the computer and when you operate the accelerator the clutch is engaged and you pull off, like a manual truck. This is why sometimes SV will roll back when in gear just before the clutch is engaged, but to get round this you have the hill-descent/approach button next to the gear selector. Im sure the gear selection within the gearbox is hydraulically operated but it maybe air operated, my knowledge doesnt go into the depths of ZF's gearbox so this is where the air thing may come from but we didnt have this problem on the trials. I will stand corrected if the insider from MAN comes on here!