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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CH512O, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. My previous posts mentioned the new 4tonne Bedford/Daf replacement that im involved in, well now having just got the 1st veh released for mil use its not bad!
    We have the MAN HX58 version in fuel tanker form. Pish to drive, auto gearbox but with option to make manual changes yourself. 12 speed with a 440hp engine, which is actually more powerful than the Oshkosh which is twice the size!
    Aircon as standard with cruise control and for 1st Parades it will do a light check and oil level for you.
    Selectable 2-4wheel drive with a few diff locks thrown in.
    The HX58, in cargo form, will replace the 8Tonne Bedford. The HX60 will replace the 4Tonne Daf's and Bedfords. All the cabs and driving bits are the same for all vehicles for ease of training.
    Will do some photos today if anyone interested.
  2. The only thing missing is a sleeping compartment for the driver & co-driver
  3. Sleeping compartment....Money and veh redesign. We are buying into an existing family of veh's so this option wasnt an option and besides there is a bloody big radiator where your bed would be!.
    On a side note, for the "4tonne" type vehs, is there a need to have sleepers fitted? I dont think there is. But the seats a nice a comfy so those will have to make do!
  4. That's a lot of truck to do the same job as a Bedford/Daf, isn't it? And at £288k a pop, how many will be allowed? Are we buying all of our fleet with the "High mobility" package?

    Having had a little personal experience of MAN trucks, I think they're bloody good bits of kit. Whether they are the best value or most appropriate choice for the role is another matter.

    Good luck anyway...
  5. I agree with them being a lot bigger but many a time i have seen a overloaded 4 Tonner (Warrior winter track springs to mind!). If i remember rightly the variants are 6T, 9T and 15T. There are 2 types of chassis; HX, which is a Meduim Mobility and SX which is a Improved Mobility. The main differences are the SX has a fecking thick rigid chassis with coil springs all round and a torque converter gear box and the HX has a chassis that twists "a bit" with leaf springs and a semi/auto gearbox. The main users for the SX variants will be Cdo and Air Assault type people. But after driving and seeing the HX, that will get you over places a Daf or Bedford would dream about. As for numbers of vehicles, without too much detail its approx 7000 odd trucks being bought. But im sure we will get a discount for bulk buying :wink:
  6. That's rubbish... it's a well known fact that a Bedford MJ can get anywhere on the planet, (In fact that's what Sherpa Tensing used to beat Hillary to the top of Everest - in low ratio, obviously). Of course it's also true that the average Bill oddie couldn't always get back from anywhere on the planet, (as is evidenced by the MJ now sitting on the summit of Everest).

    On a more serious note, what is the support package from MAN?
  7. Im not in the support package loop at the moment, bearing in mind the In-Service date isnt till May07. So we are quite a long way off. But Vosper Thornycroft are contracted to instruct/convert to the new vehicles and at the moment, this will be done in-unit.
    Although it looks and seems complicated when you first get in the veh, after a few hours its quite easy and takes the strain so to speak.
    And at the end of the day, some American firms were in the running but think of it this way...Caddilac, Dodges, Buicks or BMW, Mercedes or Porsche?? ill go with the German firm thankyou!
  8. Ahh the germans! Tetchy lot, especially if you mention the war. Cant have do automotive engineering though.

  9. That's us screwed then.
  10. Im not all that clued up on VT themselves, thought they just built boats myself but the instructors they are employing for this contract are mostly all ex-mil and the 2 we had were sound, ex WO's, recently out and had veh background. But on some aspects of the veh i have been involved in the start of this project, they listened to me and were willing to pass on aspects during the Army/RAF wide training they are going to carry out.
  11. Any piccies yet ?

    I more interested in the cab interior than any thing else

    Yes I'm shallow
  12. Theres a nice glossy pamphlet thing doing the rounds of units that are likely to get 'em......

    Just the same as all the other Mil spec MANs from what I can see....
  13. VT are the cnuts that have mismanaged REME Trade Training at SEME for much of the past decade. Whilst I have no doubt that the ex mil instructors you have met are top notch, unfortunately they work for a bunch of sh*t-weasels who cut corners so regularly everything ends up round. They are the worst thing (of a long list) that has happened to my Corps. Be wary of the contract they agree to, you WILL end up regretting being involved with them.

    (Ah, that's better)
  14. Ill take some pics this afternoon and get them uploaded over weekend.
  15. had a trip round Millbrook proving ground at the recent DVD run by VT and GSV IPT in a SX, tasty bits of kit, very competant. as far as I was informed the tonnage equates to 5T, 9T, and 13T.
    Dependent on the model the offroad system is activated by a flick of the switch on the dash entering 1 button activates the rear diff the second the centre diff another fron 4 whd drive to 2. the gearbox is full time auto or manual tiptronic make up used via a stalk on the right below the indicators, a two seater seater cab with a third seat mounted higher in the centre of the cab,