Man sues wife for being too ugly.

Strangely Mrs R didn't find it funny when I assessed the payment a court might give me.
Was she ugly when she married him?..and if so isnt his own fault for picking a ugly woman ...and should he have to give the money back due to not going to spec savers first....:muhaha:
I'm all for the wearers of Wonderbras being sued under the Trades Descriptions Act as well. Why should they be the only ones getting away will selling short measures?
Not at all, if Im wrong then Im wrong....and I have been known to be wrong in the past .Ill put my hands up and say Im wrong...its what makes me a bit nicer than you Princess
That's not difficult......:thumright:
Havent you died of AIDS yet Princess !
Oh do go away. If you absolutely have to watch jack's every move, could you at least do it quietly?
Hmm I might be a dulll cunt but at least im not a sad little man that hates woman, and is known as the Site bullie..becasue you have feck all thats interesting to say for your self.(but you only bullie females cos the blokes would bitch slap you) Princess

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