Man steals from bosses and spends £170k on coke and hookers in single weekend

Proves the point that you should never, never, never mistreat either the accountants or IT staff (especially Sys Admins) at work.
Man MP steals from bosses taxpayers and spends £170k on coke and hookers in single weekend

What is sauce for the Vaz is sauce for the constituent
A gf I was with back in 2001 (she worked in accounts as well) told me of someone who had stolen a similar sum from her employer. She said he only got a year in jail. Sometimes crime really does pay.

NoCookies | The Australian

Paywalled, but this is the gist:

Mining services company Ausdrill has been rocked by a big internal fraud, calling in the police after discovering an unnamed employee had allegedly sent $10 million worth of payments to an “unrelated invalid supplier” over the last eight years.

Ausdrill (ASL) said this afternoon it had sacked the employee and called in the police to investigate the alleged fraud.

“As a result of the initial investigation, Ausdrill has identified that an Australian-based employee appears to have authorised and concealed payments to an unrelated invalid supplier totalling approximately $10 million over eight years,” Ausdrill said in a statement to the market today.

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