Man stabs burglar!


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' "They are good people who live in that house. They are very co-operative and nice." '

thats them fcuked then.

hang on!! I know - he can say he was texting at the time. er...
Another excellent result for a burglar.


Well with luck as a man has now got off for shooting a burgaler with an "off ticket shot gun" then there is a good chance this house holder will walk and not go down.
Problem is, when someone breaks into your home, you never know what they really want. Are they there just to steal - or is it a home invasion and/or would they murder you, rape your family etc.? On the other hand, stabbling a 17 year old boy to death seems like it could be overreacting.

That is the beauty of US, where guns are legal (with a licence). You shoot him once - non lethally, and if he doesn't get the message, then you finish it.


Love a good result. CPS can't NFA this burglary.

However as for the home owner he's in for a few months of cr4pping himself before those with 20/20 hindsight sat in a warm comfortable room with no immediate threat or fear decide his fate.

Breach someones human rights then forfeight your own and desreve what you get.


Excelent result. Now wait for the Constabulary, the CPS, and assorted legal types to screw it up.


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Apparently, all the neighbours have been having problems with gardens being set on fire, eggs being thrown at houses, regular burglaries, windows being smashed - all by local youths.

I reckon that things are going to be a bit quieter for a while now.

Affirmative community action is all it takes, and this is a case in point I reckon.
Already a good result, one fo the fcukers is dead.

If the others could commit mass suicide, and the homeowner walk free that would be an excellent result!!!!

No confirmation on numbers or if they were armed on other papers, but there does seem to have been a recent crime spate in the area... particularly burgleries and yobs throwing eggs and stones through windows.

Two others have been arrested as pot burglers, and you also have the stiff.


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it's sad when you think about it - we're already half assuming the poor sod who got done over is going to do time for this and the other little theiving sh1ts who followed their scrote mate in are going to get off scot free.

shouldnt it be the other way around???
If this happened more often then the chav scum might get the hint.

Chav culling, hmmm :D

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