Man stabbed to death for £12

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pp0470, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. Neither report gives a description of the 4 or 5 men who robbed this party of 4 and murdered Mr. Rusek.

    I bet the first line would be 'Somali' - anyone want a sweep stake? (I might be wrong)

    BBC News - Man stabbed to death for £12 on birthday in Fulham

    Fulham murder: Neasden chef stabbed to death on 30th birthday - News - Willesden and Brent Times
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  2. The amount is irrelavent, the crime was probably committed by one of the 165,000 illegal immigrants.
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  3. I usually find if a description isn't given it's because it were a paki, coon or eastern european that was the culprit. Can't make them look bad now can we?
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  4. The amount is irrelavent, the crime was probably committed by one of the 165,000 illegal immigrants.

    Is that just the cnuts in Fulham?
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  5. Bang on.

    Is anyone up for the sweep stake? Your hedging your bets on 3 different ethnicities and Taff won't commit himself past 'immigrant'.

    I'm sticking with Somali - go on, put your money where your mouth is! (bet it turns out to be David Norris and Gary Dobson.... )
  6. I'll go British born Pakistani.
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  7. HEY!!!! Are you being Rascist? cannot talk about the Curry Munchers, Tree Dwellers, or
    Two-Tone Banana Bashers on here mate, 5A is in the vicinity and he's watching!
  8. No way. If it's a mugging I'll go black or white.
  9. I would bet £50 that the culprits were not white or of British origin.
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  10. I think you should check your figures on the amount of illegals.

    My bet is on a 10p mix of Somali and Asian with a token white boy.
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  11. Right again I'd say, but not accuarte enough for the sweep stake - I'm sticking with Somali

    ('David Norris and Gary Dobson' is still available... :D )
  12. If they are not white , then they are most certainly not of British origin.
  13. Fixed that for you.
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  14. Fair guess. But if there was a Somali, an Asian and a token white lad, wouldn't the other 2 have stabbed the white boy and split his £4 cut?