Man shot dead by police officers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by h_8204, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 May 2007, 08:47 GMT 09:47 UK

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    Man shot dead by police officers

    The man was pronounced dead at the scene
    A man in his 50s has been shot dead by police during an operation in west London, the Met Police have said.
    The victim was fatally wounded during an incident in Hanger Green, Ealing, on Tuesday evening.

    The Met said the shooting happened as armed officers were conducting a "proactive, intelligence-led operation" at about 2225 BST.

    No police officers were hurt and there were no arrests. The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating.

    Forensic tests

    The London Ambulance Service and a doctor from the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service attended but the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Witness Andrew Wood told BBC London that the dead man was naked.

    "There was a guy laying on the floor, a naked man, and they were trying to revive him.

    "I heard what I thought were fireworks and I went outside the back and it was obviously a shoot-out.

    "There was just police all over the place and a man laying on the floor."

    Scotland Yard said the police operation had involved officers from Operation Trident, which investigates gun crime in the black community, supported by specialist firearms officers.

    Forensic experts were to examine the scene, and officers from the Met's Directorate of Professional Standards are investigating.

    IPCC investigators went to the scene as a matter of routine, the force said.
  2. Apperently(according to working in an alleged yardie gun factory.

    If so,he got what was coming to him.Saves the taxpayer paying for his upkeep in jail,and no chance of him commiting further criminal acts. :D
  3. Somebody tell me I didn't just read that right.
  4. @ Bad_Crow

    why whats the problem with it?
  5. Probably just an anti-gang task force who focuses on where such activity occurs (ie. low income community) and the additional racial detail was a creative addendum by the author to stir the pot...
  6. In recent months, there have been quite a few young males shot dead in London, most, if not all, of these guys were black. Surely this is not racism but the police responding to a wave of gun crime in the black community.
  7. Operation Trident deals exclusively with Black on Black crimes.

    Why? Because the UK doesn't want to be like the USA where the most common cause of death for blacks is a gunshot wound followed by knife injuries followed by cancer, car accidents, etc.

    It requires special knowledge of the players and politics, as well as being able to avoid accusations of racism. One of the serving plods on this site can educate you much more accurately and thoroughly.
  8. Nothing new about Operation Trident, it's a long term operation focussed on, as it says, gun crime in the black community. There is an inordinate amount of guncrime amongst certain black criminal groups, so the Met set up a unit to work to deal with it.
  9. It amuses me how there is always a witness to what the police (and Army in NI) do but no-one ever sees the "victim" doing anything wrong,. Take Bloody Sunday for instance.
    You don't have to wear clothes to be athreat with a weapon (No pun intended)
  10. I will reserve my final comment until the full facts are known.

    IF the departed was an armed criminal - Good Drills by the coppers.
  11. No mate, you read it right and its been going for years, which is probably as good an indicator as you are likely to get as to how successful its been. It deals with exclusively black on black gun crime
  12. It is a strange story. Too few details. Was the killed man armed? Did he resist? What is his guilt if we ever can speak about it?

    Taking into account the fate of the Brazilian one could hold a very natural question: how safe is London for a foreigner? Frankly speaking a prospect to be killed by police as a result of a 'grave mistake' is not ecouraging.
  13. Don't fcuking come here then.

    Problem solved,

  14. What evidence is there that he was a foreigner? He was probably just a local yahoo- though why he was naked holding a gun in the street I have no fcuking idea.

    And where are the further details about people falling out of Moscow windows after talking to the press, btw...?
  15. Suicide by cop perhaps?