Man sexually aroused by flatulence.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 28, 2013.

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  1. He'd fall madly in love with me.
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  2. He's all wind and water.
    Bet he'll be blown away with a chilli competition!
  3. The Japs are all over it!

  4. Cake farts, Id forgotten about that website

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  5. Wonder if he has heard of Sue Lawley.
  6. Man made flatulent by sexual arousal would be a better story.
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  7. The lass at 1.37 looks like she gambled and lost.
  8. I think he may have confused 'passing wind' with 'blow job'.
  9. Why am I not at all surprised by that. The Japs, you just gotta love their love of variety.
  10. I can remember Chris Morris coming out with, "Fact me 'til I fart" in "On The Hour". I don't think that many will have got the reference.
  11. Don't stand for that Skids!
    Here have a stool.
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  12. Feck Moi..... that was pathetic....... they want to eat a few pickled eggs, pickled oinions, drink few pints of Watneys Brown Ale, then go for a kebab...... then they can fart to the arse's content...... but beware of follow-thru..... it can all be a tad messy for the nice ladies skiddies....
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