Man sexually aroused by flatulence.

He's all wind and water.
Bet he'll be blown away with a chilli competition!
Wonder if he has heard of Sue Lawley.
Man made flatulent by sexual arousal would be a better story.
The Japs are all over it!

Why am I not at all surprised by that. The Japs, you just gotta love their love of variety.
I've seen that site before. Thanks, but if it's all the same to you then I think I'll pass!

See what I tried to do there ;-)
Don't stand for that Skids!
Here have a stool.
Feck Moi..... that was pathetic....... they want to eat a few pickled eggs, pickled oinions, drink few pints of Watneys Brown Ale, then go for a kebab...... then they can fart to the arse's content...... but beware of follow-thru..... it can all be a tad messy for the nice ladies skiddies....
I can remember Chris Morris coming out with, "Fact me 'til I fart" in "On The Hour". I don't think that many will have got the reference.
TBH I thought Big Eye would come back with a riposte. If you google Sue Lawley and fanny fart you should get the story. I don't want to be on the end of a writ. Suffice to say the posh tarty newsreader on drop the dead donkey was based on her. Allegedly.


Search for "Brazilian fart porn" on Live Leak. It's a fucking crack up.

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