Man set for execution wants to die laughing

NUTTER! What a barrel of laughs!

Lets send him off, arrse stylee :D

Englishman Scotsman Welshman Irishman set for execution by the nasty Germans, North Africa 1943.

Genie visits them the night before..." Just as he firing squad is making ready, you can each evoke one of the elemental sprites to whisk you away"

Next morning, English chap shouts out "Wind" and a wind elemental carries him away, Taff says "Water", droplets congeale into a terrifying water spirit, whisks him away, Jock says "Earth" dust motes combine to creat a soil demon to release him and carry him off.

Paddy shouts out "Fire" know the rest
Show me the way to Amarillo.....

Stick a ball gag in his mouth, laced with chilli.

Then say to him, the jokes on you, as the injections kick in.
How about they let the witnesses gather round and give them a few tinnies each so they can all get minging, then pish on the fecker as they laugh their tits off whilst he is given the jesus jab??? Splendid idea what?? :twisted: :twisted:

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