Man ruled out of M5 murder hunt, lot of coincidences

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr-D, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. A man who was arrested on suspicion of murder after the discovery of a woman's bones near the M5 has been ruled out as a suspect.

    The 37-year-old went to Cheadle Heath police station, in Stockport, earlier, but Avon and Somerset Police said he had been eliminated from the inquiry.

    The remains of Melanie Hall were found in a bin bag next to the M5 near Bristol on Monday

    'No real importance'

    The man - who contacted Manchester Police at 0245 BST on Thursday - is being assessed at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.

    Full BBC news story here

    Now far be it for me to cast any aspersions on someones character but murder walting, what on earth is that all about?

    More worryingly, a local to the area is well know on here for shall we say "a well developed imagination"

    surely not Arrsepedia
    taking a new direction?

    edited to admit i cant add up and he is 38
  2. Murder/Rape/'orrible Crime Walting is far more common than you might think possible. Usually sad attention seekers or the plain bonkers.

    IIRC one of the reasons why Yorkshire Ripper enquiry was bogged down.
  3. They want the fame and notoriety, but haven't got the balls (or should that be ball-peins) to carry out the deeds themselves. Sad attention seekers indeed.
  4. When I was in plod in my probationary period, a guy walked in at front counter saying he needed to speak to an officer about something very personal, muggins here gets called down to deal wondering what'll this be all about.

    The fella spent about an hour, possibly more, telling me how about 10 years before, he raped a 89 year old gran who lived over the road from him, and that she didn't like it, at first!! He claimed the old dear had died a few years after.

    So there was I, young PC being sensitive to this confession, making pages and pages of notes thinking 'wow - time for me to shine and clear this high profile crime up', wondering if I had grounds to nick him (if & how there was a complainant/IP etc), speaking confidentially to control room and so on and so on.

    At some point during the talk, matey-boy then rattles of a list of medication he took - turns out he was prescribed some pretty pokey pills and after contacting his doc I learnt how in the previous week he had been doing laps of the mental health clinic celebrating after winning the FA cup.

    So there are plenty of 'characters' willing to cough to all sorts of things and get some attention. I was gutted - could've filled in half of my PDP with that if it was true!

    (we did verify the gran didn't ever exist before anyone thinks we totally dismissed his claim without checking)
  5. Must have been about 25 years ago they dug up a body in some marshy ground near Reading, announced it on the evening news.

    A bloke ( Airline pilot if I remember ?) duely trotted into the Station, announced "I'll save you the bother, it was me" and proceeded to cough to the murder of his wife many years earlier, described how he had killed her and buried the body in the swamp etc. At the time he'd reported that she had run off and left him etc etc.

    The body in the swamp turned out to be 2000 years old.....
  6. Obviously his aeroplane could time travel!
  7. Want wierd confessions, try the Brampton Werewolf-
    All true. Eventually no corpse was found and the bloke is still in the area.
    There was a large quantity of blood, allegedly too much to be his and him still be alive IIRC he wouldn't actually have a blood test to establish if it was his blood.
    Met the bloke a few times in the years afterwards and he is an interesting character to say the least. Never resolved.
  8. Did they check the swamp for another body...just a thought 8O
  9. Oh surely not Walty Halliday/Westmacott flipflop raising his bald ugly head again - when did he fit this in with fair maiden saving/derring doing/halo jumping/psycho wibbling action packed life he leads (in his head)
  10. I was born nearby in Scotby & never heard of this.
    Must've been after I moved "dahn sarf".
  11. "I was born nearby in Scotby"

    Don't put your hand up to that sort of sh!t fella
  12. Was a long time ago, 15 years or so(?)
    Was a huge kerfuffke about it for a few days while Plod searched for a body. After a while they couldn't get any sense out of him and couldn't find a corpse and let the matter quietly drop. All completely true though. Bloke was covered in human blood and claimed to be a werewolf
  13. Local rag reports the Doctor ex Boyfriend bloke 'fears becoming a suspect again...'

    Local Rag