Man overboard!

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. AF1771 hasn't posted (in that guise) since May 29th. Anyone know what's happened to him or why he's stopped posting...?

    1771, if you're reading this - please come home, we're all worried sick :)
  2. call him on his mobile.
  3. That's because he is currently deployed deep in Ira* with the H*C
  4. That's right. He told me to tell you that you're a m*ssive C*NT!

    J*g on, pr*ck.
  5. I'm equally worried about bilbobagoff, who went missing about the same time. Perhaps they have eloped?
  6. ok one kind female arrse / MSN member has sent me a picture of him. will stick it on the side of a milk carton if he's still missing in a week :)
  7. man...I cannot wait to see that
  9. The AF1771 Identity

    Having gone missing whilst deployed on a STEPSTONE mission, it was assumed AF1771 had been killed in action. Years later he turns up on a beach in Goa living with Bilbobagoff.

    Sat drinking chai at a vendors, in a crowded street market 1771 suddenly recognises a dangerous face from the past. G2LB's masters have located 1771 and need G2LB to eliminate him before he spills the beans on the STEPSTONE operation.

    Few in the organisation realised that someone had been using another users identity. All fingers had been pointed at 1771. 1771 escapes G2LBs clutches, but Bilbobagoff gets killed.

    Pamela Pinzgauer an SO2 from the mysterious "headquarters" organisation is sent to bring 1771 in for re-enlistment, or get rid of him.

    1771 finds out about another operation called BLACKBUSH, but finds he has been framed in the slagging off of Hibs Bez. Pinzgauer increases the tempo to find 1771, the team flies to Tehran to find 1771 after a spurious tip off form an arrse user.

    Meanwhile 1771 phones Pinzgauer up and asks to meet her. She tells 1771 she is in her office.... 1771 tells her he is in there already. If only she had an SIB camera installed there, she would have been able to prove that it was NOT 1771 who stole the money from her desk 8O
  10. aaaaaand sleep.
  11. This sounds like a series of films that have had some success in recent years...

    The Jason Boring series? Can't remember.

    Oh yeah...

  12. I thought he was now 'Legoman' :?
  13. Can I just point out here.

    Adastra's signature block has the message

    "Agile, Adaptable, Capable. Working towards a modernised MoD "

    Is there a subtle message in there. AAC also stands for Army Air Corps, who it can be said are agile, adaptable and capable, something the RAF are not. Maybe the RAF are now coming to realise the only way to modernise the MoD is to do away with all the shite that is stuck in the past and move forward, i.e. by getting rid of the RAF.

    Well done Adastra, its about time you realised you are a spent force
  14. That was fucking shit. I wish you didn't have fingers.
  15. why did you think that?