Man on Fire


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Great !

Psst ! What are they about ?
Man on fire i enjoyed a lot. Well worth losing my evening too.

It's a tale of revenge when the main character (Denzel Wash) is protecting a little girl but she is kidnapped and killed. He then goes off slaughtering everyone involved.


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Prodigal said:
Just have to tell you what a brilliant film this is - well worth £3.75.

Also "In the Cut" - was in exactly the right mood when I got that one out.....
In The Cut sounds a bit frightening - to me anyway. 8O
Sorry Cutaway, forgot to say what it was about! But ant gave an admirable synopsis.....btw, the credits at the end seem to suggest it was based on a true story, or is that just me being very gullible?!

"In the Cut" is about a woman (Meg Ryan not looking like a vacuous blond for a change) being stalked by a nutter, detective assigned to the case has an affair with her - won't give the twist away. It's full of dark, erotic images (and scenes) - subtly masochistic, very raw - detective has just the right balance of desire, lust and 'sympatic' nuances - just the kind of film to watch when you're very angry and very turned on.... as I say, I caught it in just the right mood....

not one to watch if she's wanting something pink and fluffy that's for sure!

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