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Man of the Match

Not quite over yet, but who gets your vote and why?

'Muhammad al Tongue-in-Cheek' gets mine any day - just for sheer comedy value!


Chris Vernon..anyday ;D
Why?- Because he is representative of a typical british soldier- Capable, calm, canny,candid and 'can do'  ;D


Got to the Information Minister, quality humour value. Aren't TV stations clambering for his signature.

Did journos find it hard not pi$$ themselves at every News conf he gave?


The Information Minister played a blinder.  He was caught off-side a few times but his (verbal) control, dribbling (at the mouth) and skills (lying through his teeth) were out of this world...........I have a feeling he will be asked to transfer to a European team.......... 8)


minister for 'infomation'. he had me scouring the news channels for his 'pearls' of wisdom.
Never in the field of human conflict has one official gave so much amusement for so many.
Chris Vernon?

Did anyone see him being interviewed on Sky by Emma Hurd? I'm sure they've been shagging since Day 2.... they keep smiling at each other. Last I heard he was single too, but I don't know if she is....
"Baghdad Bob" gets my vote everytime!  I do not know which Badhdad he was living in but it seemed to have been a different one to everyone else on the planet.
I've got to go for Tim Collins, those words will go down in history as being some of the most stirring ever uttered. Truely amazing stuff!

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