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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Mrjupp, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Now come on you older old timers.

    Who remembers the fun times in the old Man of Kent pub in Ashford, long before it was renovated and widened out a bit.

    Anyone remember what happened to the guy when he got pulled out of the taxi by a load of civvies looking for a fight?
  2. Ahhh, the Man of Kent. I remember being told it was out of bounds, so duly went there to neck several pints followed by a stop at the kebab shop.

    Funnily enough I now know several men from kent and hate nearly all of them, ho hum.
  3. haha

    Not originally from there. Moved back though. Even married one of the local nightlife girlies who frequented the pub. Been married ever since.
  4. Is the grotty chinky next to the WW1 tank still there?
  5. Haven't looked recently. They were talking about getting rid of the tank. Don't live in Ashford itself, my areas Medway. Last time I was there though they were still trying to clean up Rowcroft. Templer had been basically levelled and all the old married quarters were boarded up.
  6. Dreadful place - in a great kind of a way.

    Happy days blowing up disco equipment with carefully poured pints of beer.
  7. Saturday night in Flatfoot Sams, the Swan, the Zodiac..... ahh the heady days........
  8. I got leathered in Flatfoot Sams once.....destroyed a few classics on the karaoke with the lads :)
  9. The Man of Kent is now a shadow of its formerself , The Swan however has,nt changed at all. I was in the MoK just last Sat night. OK own up ,how many of you took a tumble negotiating them bloody stairs down to the bogs ? The County is now a Weatherspoons ( nuff said) & the institution that was Dustys has evolved into a Liquid / Envy . The Wig & Gavel , Invicta & Zodiac have long gone. Ashford Grill Kebab still do a blinding doner tho .

  10. And how many of you remember the fake cows on the roundabout at the bottom of the entrance road to Templer? There were many times when those cows would come for a 'walk' back to the barracks!!
  11. Many years ago I was 'invited to leave' the MOK for being in the company of a certain Corps individual who was showing off his claim to fame. That claim was that he could urinate to the height of the ceiling. He could, he did, we drank somewhere else.
  12. There was a 'Man of Kent' pub in Canterbury - the pub sign was that lovely painting of a WW1 soldier. For some years now it's been called something else a bit trendier, bloody shame.
  13. A certain member being asked to leave after pissing on the owners dog - while stood at the bar.
  14. Hmmm, better ask CR about the 'cows head in the bed' incident circa 1996!
  15. The cows are still there. No longer nicked by squaddies but do get flattened by Polish lorry drivers whenever operation stack comes in. Ashford also has 2 tanks now. One WW1 job in the town & where the entrance to Rowcroft barracks used to be is now a roundabout & someone decided to plant a 432 on it. Plant being the correct word as it can hardly be seen amoungst the undergrowth that has grown around it. Templar Barracks has long gone & is now full of empty new build houses no fcuker can sell. The only bit left is the entrance road up to the guard room, complete with white painted fence. OH , & Repton manor is being turned into a beefeater pub for the new estate. Surely theres a case for it to be called "The rose & Laurel".