Man Marries 15-Year Old Daughter

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SparkySteve, Nov 20, 2007.

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    I wonder what his Daughter has had to say in all of this, or is that suppressed?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Aaah, good old religion eh?

    God/Allah will forgive you your sins! It is the Lord's work! God told me to do it! We fight on in God's name! Kill the unbelievers and infidels! Condoms are against the will of God! The good book says that I cannot have a blood transfusion! Kill the Jews! Kill the Christians! Kill Muslims! God has decreed that we must commit suicide! Let's start a cult! Burn them, BURN THEM! She's a witch! Blow up parliament! Kill the taigs! A dollar for the BOYZ! Yes, have 4 wives! Strap this on and you'll get some virgins!

    Facking bless you my son!
  3. Sheep must have a shepherd?
  4. hold up that means their son/daughter will be her son/daughter AND brother/sister?? damn eastenders has missed out on a good one... :roll:
  5. Yep that about sums up all the old religions, I personally belong to the 1st Church of New Krypton and worship Kal-El as the true Messiah.

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  6. Thank Thor I'm a Pagan... :roll:
  7. Blasphemer! CHUCK NORRIS is the One True God!!! :twisted:
  8. In Islam a man is allowed up to four wives aslong as he treats them well. Although I do think he is taking the piss here.
  9. I'm a southern reformed existentialist.
  10. I'm a c*nt. :lol:
  11. So you are a poof then!
  12. P'raps they're originally from Norfolk?
  13. B o ll ox some little Chinese waiter fella from the orient battered Chuck in Rome, Saw it on't telly.
  14. There is no God but Bruce, and Chuck is his Prophet, peace be upon him... :twisted:
  15. Is she fit though? 8O