Man marries 14 times in 30 months.

Man marries 14 times in 30 months.

MSN News

Waghare apparently told police that the pressure of having to provide for each of his wives was leaving him penniless.

He has since been sacked by his employers.
Oh dear.
bad enough with one.... why 14?

not to mention 14 mother in laws....
He's certainly a master of ceremonies.
Bloke sounds like an absolute c0ck to me. 14 times? What a fcukwitt. Some people just don't know when to stop. Maybe he just liked going to weddings.
once_a_maverick said:
14 times in 2 years. that means he took on average 52 days to realise he had made a mistake.

Beats me
Or 52 days to spend a dowry...
Can't see the problem. Bloke obviously adores pussy, but get's bored easily so he does something about it. At least he was guaranteed 14 more shags than some of the virgin pussyphobes on here.

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