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Just getting so annoyed I thought I would vent my anger on here. After deploying out on tour not so long ago I was told I was going away on a 6 month tour, with RnR dates to be decided once I got out here. I was more than happy with this. Once out here as we was going through a rip I knew it wasn't the best time to mention it so I held off until later on in the tour. I was told at a later date I was going to have a date in july to come back to the UK, this was in black and white with a date given to me but I was warned that it may change by a couple of days either way due to flight delays. I was happy with that and so told my future wife to book a date to fly to australia about a week after I flew back from RnR (we are getting married down under and she comes from there) After spending a lot of money to book flights, and after she gave her notice in to quit her job in the UK I was told that my tour had been cut short to a 4 month tour without RnR, meaning I was not going to see my future wife and all my plans had gone down the plug hole. The orignal plan to send someone out from the UK to cover me had changed due to UK commitments, however I know there are lads wanting to come out on tour. I have asked and asked about getting it sorted out but without a sensable reply. I had also made an appointment to have a medical for my visa to move Australia. I have given them options to resolve the situation but for some reasons they are not being accepted. When is it going to happen that when the 'Grown Up's' realise that it isn't just a matter of changing a date, it affects not only myself but my future and my family future

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Mate, you're on an operational tour and your percieved problems are far from important to your unit commanders. Has anyone died? Are you or your family suffering (and I mean really suffering)? The fact that you went ahead and made plans is not their concern.

Can I ask how long you've been in? This sort of thing happens all the time and I am suprised you were bold enough to let your lady part with her cash when nothing was firmed up. Yes, you may of had your dates in black and white but the needs of the service always come first.
nik_kershaw said:
. I have given them options to resolve the situation but for some reasons they are not being accepted.

Muahahahahaahahahaahah. Funniest thing I've read on here.

Giving the Army options - what are you - SIX ?
RnR is not a right. Sorry to sound smug and all that, as I contemplate sending the faithful hound to fetch slippers and TFB for pipe and large gin...but them's the facts and if you do not like them, then you know where the RAO is!


hmmm, shit happens we say here in germany. but hey you're not alone by getting asskicked. ;)

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