Man management(?) in the AMS

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by FLLnurse, May 6, 2004.

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  1. Yes, it's a plan to save on redundancy pay

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  2. No, they are truely stupid and couldn't run a pi** up in a brewery

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  3. Yes, it strengthens character, improving combat effectiveness

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  4. No, the AMS is an enlightened employer with very favourable conditions

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  1. Is it me or do the AMS have a policy of making life as difficult as possible for us?
  2. FLLNurse

    Can you be more specific;

    1. What aspects of life are difficult?

    2. Difficult for who - COs? Ward Sisters? Sect Sgts? Consultants? GDMOs? Give me a clue please.

    3. By AMS do you mean AMD?
  3. I don't think they deliberatley set out to annoy or upset us, I just think that they don't give a fcuk about us. As long as the higher archy is happy & getting their glory & earning shed loads of money, why would they bother their arrses with us?

    If we don't like it, so what, we leave & they empoly others in our places with the same lame promises we once fell for!

    If we were happy, we would stay in longer, and then they'd have to promote us!! and still have all the hastle of rerecruiting, so why not treat us like crap, push us till we leave, then you don't have to promote anyone & you save lots of money!!
  4. A simplistic POV from Gado, but I get the sentiment.

    Is there a policy of laisser-faire applied to the management of those in the AMS outside of the IT?

    Personally I don't think so, but:

    1. I do think that there is a corporate communications problem - the message of what is being done isn't getting through to T Atkins Esq.

    2. In terms of positive management, retention and terms of service issues, over the last few years the balance and focus has been predominantly with medical and dental officers.

    Time now for re-balancing and more effort spent on improving the lot of the others in the AMS, particularly necessary in my view for AMS soldiers.

    If anyone wants to respond to this post, I may not be able to reciprocate for a while as I will be, as AA Gill would have it, away. Still I would appreciate responses.
  5. The AMS has always been run so that the doctors are OK and looked after, now AMD are realising that because of this, others within the Corps have become disillusioned by being treated as second class and are leaving in droves.
    Moves are afoot to sort it, but its been years of deglect and will probably take years to correct.
  6. Difficult for me, an OR nurse, and everyone I know. Doesn't seem to matter who - nurses, midwives, radiographers, medics and even doctors, god forbid!

    Career planning, moving, CPD, comunication. Every damn thing!

    For one example we recently had a briefing to explain the Defence Medical Plan and not one of our questions were answered adequately. The only thing my peers and I gathered from it was that alot of money was being spent to employ senior officers in commitees......what these commitees were for I still don't know.
  7. Neanderthal,

    lack of sensible communication! Without mentioning much, there is rumours galore at the moment (see date/time written!) and nothing from above to keep us up-dated on this!
  8. Just got another gem. :lol:

    The Nurse Education Adviser for the RAF is visiting soon and we have been offered interveiws to discuss training needs etc.

    Heard on the grapevine that we are not allowed to talk to him as the RAF shouldn't be interfering. Fair enough but so much for the purple-common-terms-of-service stance!

    But the real killer is as I'm under a RAF chain of command the Army NEA is not allowed to visit us either :roll:

    I ask you what the flock is all this about? How on earth am I supposed to fulfill my PREP requirements essential for continued registration and therefore a CEG requirement if I can't talk to anyone about it?????? :?:

    :idea: I know I'll join the NHS and have done with it :idea:
  9. FLL:

    The new CE of DMETA, Admiral Unpronounceable, is visiting all the MDHUs (we are seeing him on Wednesday); a chest-poking opportunity, possibly?
  10. That'll be the new 2* CE of DMETA who spent all of 5 minutes as a 1*?!
  11. Corporate communication seems to be key here and also is clearly an issue raised on the DMS Attitude Survey thread.

    I will speak to my contacts in the IT. I promise nothing other than I will tell that of the current view expressed on ARRSE.
  12. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be heard :wink:
  13. Yes thankyou. Perhaps you should suggest that arrse is used for official communication. I pick up much more here than anywhere else.
  14. sounds like the QEMH at Woolwich
  15. You're bloody obsessed man! Stop living in the past when there are perfectly wonderful postings to be had now.

    I mean QEMH never had Emmas or Joannas or Stax for that matter :!: