Man-love Thursday

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Crafty990, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else who has done Herrick heard of this little beaut? Every Thursday, the Afghan National Army decide its ok to "abseil" each other. I've heard some cracking stories from the OMLT teams, Some involving dogs, car doors and young recruits. I think the ANA could be onto something ref the last one.
    Whenever I was anywhere near ANA on a Thursday night I used to shut my peepers tight an sleep with my 9mm in my dos bag.

    Dirty buggers!
  2. I was gaurding some local force protection group at a FOB. They were protecting stone trucks as they went on convoy from Lash to the fob. So, I'm keeping my cool until they tell me to come to the back of their pickup truck. One guy lying down while the other was rubbing his chest and pulling his skin. I was invited to join, and for them to the same to me. :x

    Got slagged for ages after that.
  3. They all get tarted up with mascara, hold hands for a bit then gang rape a young boy. Don't gob off you heathen, you don't understand their culture.
  4. Saw the thread title, thought Nightrained is bound to look at that - best go and warn him, that it's just a come-on.

    Too late!

    Keep the confessions Nightrained - you're worrying us more than ever.

  5. I know that the LAD in camp Sarawak/Tombstone, used to knock off at 3 on a thursday and lock themselves in their compound.

    except the recy mech
  6. He did have soft hands. :p