Man loses 140 lbs to join the Marines

Fair play to that lad! It just shows what you can do when you commit yourself to something. I sincerely hope he doesn't get topped on his first day out in the ulu after all that good work.

Every time I see a big chubber getting beasted on one of these programs I always think, "Under all that lard you must be as fit as f*ck".

If someone's jogging about while 140lb overweight that's worse than an 140lb bergan - they've got the weight, plus it's insulating them (unlike a bergan) plus some of it is on their limbs (unlike a bergan).

Staying fit is the lazy man's option.
J_E_P said:
Kudos to the guy but why be such a fat ponce in the first place.
Hmm.. let's say "a friend" loses 90lbs in order to join the British Army (as an orrficer) does it show a truck load of motivation and dedication that they have done so or does it show a lack of discipline and laziness that they were such a biffa in the first place?
To be honest it shows both (they were fat and lazy as hell), though agreed at least it shows they changed for the better.

I just don't like fat people, it's much easier to be lazy when your copiously fit.

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