Man leaves girlfriend to burn to death in car

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dropshortjock, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Girl left to die in blazing car after driver boyfriend told fire crews no one was inside

    A man left his girlfriend to burn to death in a car after he crashed into a tree, a court heard yesterday.
    Waqas Arshad, 24, told emergency services there was nobody inside, despite knowing 17-year-old Emily Brady was trapped in the burning wreckage.

    It was only as firefighters tackled the blaze that they realised the teenager was in the car, still strapped into the passenger seat.
    Arshad, of Luton, pleaded guilty yesterday to causing death by careless driving while over the alcohol limit, and causing death by driving while uninsured.
    Natalie Carter, prosecuting at Luton Crown Court, told the court Arshad lost control and crashed into a tree in Eversholt, Bedfordshire, at 3am on November 2 last year. But instead of calling for help, he got out of the car and did nothing.
    Mrs Carter said: 'After the collision it's plain that Emily Brady was in the passenger seat; the defendant in the driver's seat.
    'She did not die as a result of the injuries received in the collision, which included two broken vertebrae, but she died as a result of carbonisation.'

    Miss Brady's mother Patricia said after the hearing: 'It was despicable behaviour to make no attempt to try and pull her out of the car.'
    The court - packed with relatives of Miss Brady, who lived in Dunstable - heard how firefighters answering a call from a witness asked Arshad if there was anyone in the car. He told them 'no'.

    The couple had been together for about six months and had been out drinking together that night. It had been raining and the road surface was wet.
    Mrs Carter said Arshad had failed to negotiate a right-hand turn on the country lane and crashed into a sycamore tree.

    Emily Brady: The victim's mother called Waqas Arshad's behaviour 'despicable'
    The vehicle eventually came to a halt in a field and caught fire. She told the court that both had been wearing seat belts.

    Yesterday, Judge John Bevan QC told Arshad a prison sentence was inevitable. He adjourned the case and remanded the defendant in custody until sentencing on June 19.

    The court also heard that Arshad had been arrested for drink driving while on bail following the incident.

    I'm a little unsure what to say. Clearly a cnut of the highest order, but to leave a girl to burn to death? One can only hope his jail sentance is an extremely long (and painful)one.

  2. Why not just say she burned to death?
  3. Not sure - I'll have to ask the Daily Hate Journo
  4. To make it a little easier on the parents I guess.

    As to Waqas Arshad, it looks like murder to me, he knew she was there, the only reason he said nothing and didn't get her out himself is that he wanted her to die.
  5. What a low life indeed! and to be caught drink driving again after the incident!!!

    Well I hope they throw the book at him but I will not hold my breath. What is the maximum sentence for careless driving? Will they give him the maximum sentence?
  6. What a low life ,I hope he get a full life sentence and not let out fron jail ever again for he what he did to this young lady. My thoughts go out to her family
  7. Got to be hiding something if he made no attempt to get her out.
    Bet he gets a savage driving ban and a right sore hand………… that will learn him!

    However, while not wishing anything like this on the girl..........
    she got in the car with him knowing he had been drinking, just like the stupid kids who all pile into the stolen car with some sum-bag!

    Berate me if you like but I don't get in cars with pissed twats driving/
  8. Looks like she was hot for him... *chortle*
  9. Morning Chubb :evil:
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Life sentence? No chance. I thought everything involving death and cars these days involved a suspended sentence or a bit of graffiti cleaning and a fine. Painful, burning death? Sounds like 12 months to me, out in 3.....time spent and all that.

    After all, the w@nker has no doubt already claimed temporary insanity/diminished responsibility/memory lapse on account of the booze or some other spurious garbage, and the CPS will fall over itself to let him out at the earliest opportunity. That said, the fact this callous b@stard clearly gives not 1 sh1t and was drink driving whilst bail is indicitive enough of how he really is a danger to society....

    So probably some councilling, a hug and an electronic tag.
  11. The court also heard that Arshad had been arrested for drink driving while on bail following the incident.

    Doesnt seem to learn from his mistakes either tw@t :x
  12. At 17, she was dating a complete prick 7 years older than her, and got into a car with him when he'd been drinking. It's no less sad, but it's not as though she wasn't asking for it.
  13. I know I will be accused of racism and possibly xenophobia,etc(and anything else the PC/bleeding hearts brigade can dream up) but I wholly agree with the above-this worthless low-life has nothing to fear from our so-called 'justice' system;all he has to do is play the race/get-out-of-jail-free card and Hey presto! walking the streets again!
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Carbonara sounds nicer.
  15. Having looked at her pictures I would have said she was well worth saving!

    Ah, the little chav tribute from her friends..........