Man 'killed then ate' girlfriend


Man 'killed then ate' girlfriend

A British man arrested in Spain over the murder of his girlfriend has admitted to eating parts of her body.
Paul Durant, 44, from east London said he ate some of Karen Durrell's remains, in a letter to the Daily Mirror.

He was arrested on the Costa Blanca in February over the death of Ms Durrell. The letter was written from his cell.

Mr Durant, who believed God had delivered her to him said: "I cut her body into small parts, eating what part of her I found eatable."

Miss Durrell disappeared after moving to Spain in January and her body has never been found.

Mr Durant was arrested in Alicante on suspicion of her murder on 26 February this year.

He also said in his letter: "I was getting messages from the telly.

"Listen you , shut yer yap before I bring on the Branston"
Well I have munched on a few girlfriends but they were all alive and the only messages I got from the telly were contained in the porn that was playing at the time :wink:
what attract them to each other in the first place ? 8O
cdo_gunner said:
All washed down with a nice chiante i bet 8O
Surely he'd have gone for a local brew such as Las Campanas Crianza 1999. Personally a couple of San Miguels would have done it :wink:
god , f*cking brits abroad , they'll go to extraordinairy lengths not to eat the local scoff , so would you call this a "full english?"
stabbed said:
If it was my girlfriend he started eating in Feb, he would only be half way through by now...... :lol:
I knew I knew you from somewhere. :roll:
Wonder if he ate the particulars 8O

I´ll get me coat! :roll:

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