Man killed in police motorbike crash (NI)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  2. What has a bloke dying in a motorbike accident in NI got to do with ARRSE? Is it because it's NI?

    Maybe I'll post some bit of random news about old people dying in Bournemouth?
  3. Everbody's died in Bournemouth its shite.
  4. Bored, just thought i'd add a comment to this conversation so i can watch it and see who wins the argument. :p
  5. Oh Spaz me old mucker.......B'Mouth is a quality night out. Plenty of students, and filthbags out on the prowl, even Jarrod could pull a bird!
  6. Look mate dont start a row on here!
  7. Why does every bit of news at the moment seem to involve police. I say they are getting noticed aren't they!
  8. I knew Tom, he was well known to the Army motorcycling fraternity in NI, very helpfull and a nice bloke. RIP
  9. Correct.

    Next to Eastbourne, isn't Bournemouth God's waiting room?
  10. I thought that mate, went there last summer for a Leo Sayer and it was dead, had about three pints then jumped on the train into London.
  11. Like i said before, maybe its because he was well known to a few people that served over there Police and Army. Thats why its in current affairs and not the NAAFI or it might be coincidence but im still saddened by hearing about his death this way.

    What the intent of the original post i dont know but either way its nothing to do with the other comments after it. Apologies if i sound like i have my serious head on but the way this thread is going just doesnt match with the original post, sorry!
  12. Sorry for dragging the thread off course, I replied to a post without considering the original subject.
  13. I passed the scene of the accident. The poor chap was still on the road and just about to be stretchered away. That is a nice road for bikers but they take their chances with their gung-ho weaving between cars. Astonishingly only a couple of minutes later a couple of bikes came past treating the road as a race track and risking life and limb. Having seen one of their mates in a ditch moments earlier you think they would wise up a bit.

    R.I.P fella.
  14. Bournemouth is a top night out, although not cheap.

    Largely full of immigrants and students these days.

    Poole next door is more old people....and sneak beaky SBS types.
  15. Prince,

    for your info Tom was a good friend to a lot of people who served in the province over the years, especially from the motorcycling fraternity

    Condolences to his wife & family

    Ride free Tom RIP