Man killed by tazer was a Roid-head.



maybe they were cut with another substance to dilute them ?
Don't know but he was taking tablets which came in blister packs with steroids written on them. So where doesn't it say he wasn't on steroids to back up your claim of sloppy reporting?
This man was murdered in his own home, or at least that is where it started. How can you cause criminal damage to your own home. Yes he was a nutty roid head but it does appear to be police brutality. They are averaging 1 a week at the moment at least.
I'm the first to wade in about things like the Tomlinson case but honestly, have you actually read this article? And have you ever tried to control someone who's really and truly lost it? It's extremely hard to do so without injury to him or you, even if there's plenty of "you."

There are plenty of instances of police brutality, but putting this incident into that category just makes it harder to get the issue taken seriously.
I like this bit

North West Evening Mail | News | Boss holds back tears as he talks of employee

He said: “He was never a violent man and despite the rumours I can categorically say he was not on steroids."

No of course not Stan and no doubt they wouldnt ever use them in your gym, in fact I doubt you've even heard of them, its all made up like the mafia.

Just a pity about that pesky PM showing that he was in fact full of steroids and had a heart twice its normal size and the slight problem with 'legal' highs (thought they banned methadrone??) a clear case of police brutality and over zelous cops getting trigger happy with their new toys.

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