Man killed by tazer was a Roid-head.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The13thDukeOfWybourne, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. "He got up and was going off his head because of what they had done"

    There lies the problem.
    If you're rolling around on the floor with several old bill then you've probably really screwed up. If you've been tasered then you've also got really violent about it.

    But it's the current attitude of scumbags to think "how dare they do this to me!" instead of thinking "ah shit, I've screwed up". People just won't accept that there are consequences to their actions.

    Roid heads are probably even less capable than your average scumbag of that train of thought.
  2. Good riddance to the cnut. I hope the Police Taser everyone like him, regularly, until they agree to rejoin the human race.
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  3. Shit happens.
    Not much alternative to Taser'ing him under the circumstances it would appear (other than shooting him)
  4. " People just won't accept that there are consequences to their actions."

    Couldn't agree more.

  5. Shame he can't be awarded a Darwin for it. But as deaths go has to be a candidate for Stupid Deaths.
  6. Yet another person that people with no experience of active policing will be using as an excuse to accuse the police of "brutality".

    'Roid head went off on one, was such a threat that they called in a tazer, it took multiple tazers to subdue him and his steroid-weakened heart couldn't take it. Case closed.

    Lesson learned? Don't do drugs kids! :thumright:
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  7. On reflection, it might have been preferable to have shot him.
  8. Look kids steroids can cause damage to the heart and people can die it's a tough old world oh and don't forget the Liver damage/cancer and risk of strokes.
  9. And small willys. Don't forget the small willys. Just imagine those small, roid ravaged willys. Those lovely, small, roid ravaged ... er ... Ahem ... ******* Roid heads.
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  10. Not to mention having balls the size of raisins and having to walk around looking like you've been sleeping in a vat of orange paint (perhaps not a direct contributor to his death, but still looked effing silly).
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  11. Far be it from me to say i told you so....but I ******* told you so!!
  12. Why do people do roids? Its so, so obvious, and even chicks don't like it. Pointless!
  13. Jarrod could have ridden him round the room until he was 'broken' just like the cowboys do in Brokeback Mountain.
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  14. Because they are lazy and weak, they are often lacking in self-confidence.