Man killed by exploding BBQ!

This practice seems common amongst the tractor driving fraternity:

Man Killed while making BBQ out of Oil Drum.....!!!!!

My favourite quote being this guy, who by all accounts almost did the same thing.

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Re: Man Killed while making BBQ out of Oil Drum.....!!!!!

Wow, that sucks. It sounds like the thing that killed him was the fall.
I have been getting 55 gallon drums from a fiberglass repair shop and that stuff is very flammable. For burning barrels, I always used a chisel to cut the top off and it worked well. One time a few years ago I had one that was sitting around for years and had the bung out already so I thought I would just use the welder to cut the lid off. I heard a big whoof from the hole. I tried it again and got another whoof, so I quit using that method. I then commenced to chisel it off like I always had.

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Rednecks eh!
Should have followed correct procedure when BBQing eggs.

It defiantly wasn't a barrel of laughs then!


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When reading threads like this I wonder if Darwin and EM are related or even have a Jeckle and Hyde relationship. At any rate I imagine that the fateful deed developed something like this:

SFB*: I need a super large BBQ that is not going to cost hundreds of beer tokens, what do I do?
Kaboom, the Emporer himself appears in a flash.
EM: SFB my humble servant, thou doth appear much vexed, perhaps I can help. You see that gash oil drum yonder? All you need to do is halve it amidships using your trusty angle grinder.

SFB: But your Majesty it's an oil drum, is that not dangerous?

EM: Fool! Dost thou doubt the infinite wisdom of the almighty EM? The drum is as empty as your head!

SFB: Er no of course not Your Majesty. I shall proceed forthwith.

EM: Just hang about whilst I fetch my ear defs, could be a tad loud.
Makes off in haste as SFB grabs his angle grinder.

SFB: Peace of piss this I'll have it do--

*SFB= shit fa brains.

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