Man killed by chavs/yuff/scum

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by leveller, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Sterilisation!

    Edited for finger trouble!
  2. Harsher prisons, where there are regular beatings for people like this and no tv or bed.
  3. hard labour ..... but lets be real the governemt are never going to pay for setting up a proper regime for hard labour to be used effectively, for starters they will contract it out then they will contest there own decision to use it then they will give half of it too the ministery of justice and half too probaly culture.

    But hard labour back breaking hard labour whould keep the scum off the streets.
  4. I vote for public stoning - that way we could give the England cricket team throwing practice at the same time - surely a 'win, win' situation?
  5. When I was in Florida I used to see chain gangs on the side of the roads in all weathers litter picking under the supervision of large men carrying shotguns. Should be done here. Mind you ... it would probably contravene their human rights!
  6. I think you have hit the nail on the head there, all the ideas the public think may work, is bound to get the hand ringer's out in force! So are we doomed?
  7. Unfortunately until those in power come up with suitable punishments the spectre of mob justice/vigilantes may loom.
  8. Things might change if our Chief Constables had to stand for election and be reelected every four years.
  9. Once convicted of a crime they should loose their "Rights" as a human.

    Ps. Berlin I do like your avitar..takes me back to my time in Berlin(66-69) and we wore a similar flash.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Was just going to post that,What about the human right's of the victims & their families? Guess that does'nt count anymore... :evil:
    I'd build a prison on the remotest part of Scotland,on on a far off,deserted Scottish island, No power except for lights & some heating,no hot water & no creature comforts like TV,Playstations ect. Bare stone walls & floors.
    Throw them in there & leave them to rot!
  12. I have just read the link to Joe Arpaio, I would say this chap has the right approach to dealing with crime. Prisons in this Country seem more like holiday camps than some form of punishment.

    Alas can someone please explain why these groups such as Liberty and Amnesty are so obsessed with the rights of the wrong doers??
    It doesn't take alot of brain cells to think mmmm that was wrong what this person has done, they must be helped to understand that and deterred from doing it again.
  13. That's because they don't have to live among the sh1te they represent. If they did (and I do) then like me, they would stone the bast4rds for breathing. flog them for wearing hoodies, and hang their parents for breeding in the first place.
    Scum, I hate the cnuts, they're worse than commies