Man Jam

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Snail, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. In words of one sentence or more, describe man jam.
  2. Are you refering to the glorious substance that is SPUNK my dear?
  3. Jam
    red,with lumpy bits,tastes somewhat meaty
    Made from men
  4. you mean you chop up men who annoy you?? :?
  5. 20 years worth of man juice stored in jars ready to give to mdn for his birthday?? 8O
  6. I dont chop them up Poppy. Obviously.
    No I use a vast industrial blender,much neater
    Have a bottling plant in the back shed,it arrives in half gallon jars
  7. Catch yerself on Dale! You've ingested more harry than all the working girls in Cartagena put together.
    When the NSA decided to compile a worldwide DNA database, their first stop was your laundry basket.
    In a blindfolded taste test, you can ascertain a mans age, nationality, racial profile and shoe size, just by gargling his jism.
  8. Just admit you don't know what it is.
  9. Do you want the Internet site version or the Urban dictionary version Sluggy?
  10. I certainly don't remember that, was I drunk ?
  11. A liquid 'gold star' that lets you know you did well. Ingestion is safe and well received, however it is not recommended to use as a spread on hot toast :-D
  12. you should know you have had mine on your face plenty of times.

  13. Man Jam - (See also Man-Fat, P*nis Venom) - Common substance extracted from the head of the trouser snake.
    The substance can be found in the hair of a slapper or on the handtowels in the bathroom at Mum and Dads.

    WARNING: Irresponsible use of this substance can end up a right B*stard.
  14. 1. man jam

    White viscous fluid ejected from a mans penis during ejaculation. Ejaculate. Sperm.

    see also: "baby gravy", "man paste", "man custard", "cock paste", "cum", "jizz", "root juice", "seed", "semen", "sperm", "spunk", or "splooge

    mdn is such a whore, he cannot get enough man jam in his ass.

    (from the urban dictionary)