Man jailed for having sex with a horse

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THe story about me and that donky in Skeggy are untrue


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Love the way that the horse's identity has been concealed with black tape! Preserves it's modesty.

I note this is in Channel Islands. Is Blue-Sophist an animal lover?
Chap was arrested for having sex with a donkey, sometime in the late 70's. When asked why he did it he replied "Well have you seen our lass".
and he never had the decency to give the horse a reach around :)
Was a fella in Cumbria arrested way back on the 1980's for the same thing.
Caught standing on a step ladder in the middle of a field giving the horse his full attention.
Been more than the odd case of horse and donkey shagging over the years
bloke was caught in a field in yorkshire
up behind mrs sheep as the hull-london train went by

was caught cos the train had to stop
and the passengers copped for an eyeful
as they waited for the leaves to be removed from the line
It says that the horse was frightened and distressed. He must be a big boy, no wonder he hasn't a girlfriend.
Come on we can't judge him, who here can honestly say they haven't thought about having some sort of sexual contact with an animal? Even if its just letting your dog lick your balls whilst you crack one off!

I salute this man for taking animal loving to the next level.
French surname? Make your own conclusions.
She was asking for it.


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Why the feck wasn't the horse arrested!?!? Surely it's a crime in Geegee land too!?


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I've had my share of dogs. Does that count?

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