Man jailed for business acumen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by walt_of_the_walts, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Alan Sugar should make him his apprentice immediately!

  2. An evil corrupter of society. Take him down!

    Most people do most things for money. A brothel is just another workplace.

    Now all I see here is possibly a failure to pay VAT or business rates(or was he registered for these too)

    Perhaps the judge would prefer homeless crack whores out on the street, who will take it unprotected up the hoop for a tenner? (Errm..allegedly :oops: )

    Blokes an ex-teacher, so it's not relevant in a moral sense either
  2. Fair play to him.

    I've got my own business plan ready for my application for a Small Business Loan when they get around to legalising prostitution.
  3. He's an Ex PE teacher. I wonder if the girls were fit?
  4. No illegal immigrant or underage employees and he was still making a go of it...prison is not for him, send him to work on a UKTI task force, reporting directly to Mandelbum...

    Now I am not an expert in prostitution but as a planning exercise:

    Six whores, working three to a 6 hour shift, say three punters per shift at £200 quid = 1200 per diem
    Say 25 days leave, 340 x 1200 = 408000 per annum gross, pay the girls say 50%, and you are looking at 204000 before the overhead. Pay the rent etc at 2k a month and you are looking at the thick end of 180000. If you have to employ a "maid" to deal with it 150000 easy...

    I wonder if you could develop franchise guides for this??
  5. He provided a safe working environment, and probably looked after the girls well being...

    So now they get to work for some pimp who will beat them, or work in some back alley?

    About time we stopped being so skittish. Just do what the boxheads do, legal brothels with the various medical back up.

    ANy illegal brothels after that, then hammer them.

    Make sure the girls get enough money to live, and maybe work on their esteem and education issues.
  6. His wife was definitely do-able. Even in her court clothes.

    I see nothing wrong with what this guy has done. He gave these working girls a safe environment. Well done him.
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    thing is with things like this - it's like drugs - people are still going to spend their money on it wether it's legal or not.

    legalise it, bring it under control, make a few quid off the tax. everybody's happy. 200 weeks has some interesting things to say in this piece here -